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    FS: 100L SS keg - Melbourne

    That engraving is just a burst disc, all new kegs have them as a weak point in case they are over pressurised.
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    Selling beer brewed offsite - Nano-brewery start-ups in Qld

    Basically you are looking for a contract brewer to brew your beer for you until you get setup, they will pay the excise for you and sell the beer to you wholesale. You will need your own wholesale licence to then on sell the beer to licenced venues. 200L is way too small for a startup, there...
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    C02 Tassie?

    Plenty of options, Chubb fire will do fills, as will Brew by You in Launceston, and im sure they will also do fills from their Hobart store. I should be able to do fills from my bulk tank in a few weeks if you run out of options.
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    bulk bottles

    Just try your local small brewer
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    Top 20 craft beers

    Well done mate.
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    WTB - Flooded Font.

    Wanted - 4 or 6 tap flooded font. anything considered.
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    Not For Horses is launching very soon and we need you!

    JW malt both pilsner and pale here and Tassie. You can buy direct from Devonport in 500kg lots, but sales go through Bintani in Melbourne.
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    Wort Chiller Just Ain't Chillin

    I wouldn't use automotive glycol under any circumstances (ethylene glycol), you should use a food grade polypropylene glycol in case of accidental leaks and ingestion. Not really that hard to come by.
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    Wort Chiller Just Ain't Chillin

    Its a bit hard to pump ice though. :)
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    Wort Chiller Just Ain't Chillin

    Really cant believe I just read through this thread. Knockout of 540L of wort to 23 degrees takes about 15 minutes on my 7m3 plate chiller, I end up with about 600L of 65 degree hot water in the HLT. I can knock out heaps faster by increasing both coolant and product flow, to a point, the...
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    More on the beer duopoly in Australia

    Demand away, we have been doing this for years, as long as the government is making money off us nothing will change. As a microbrewer, its nice to be hopeful about excise reform, but in the mean time we just have to get on with it.
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    Why is starsan making my spray bottle all saggy and warped?

    Just collapsing from the vacuum created my spraying by the looks of it, happens to mine all the time.
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    Brew Club Launceston

    Not going to make it again, huge week ahead of me this week.
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    Flow issues with magic box - nothing seems to work

    I doubt the coils are 3mm ID, most are 5mm at least. A coil is normally 10-16 meters or so long and a fair bit of pressure is needed to push beer through, try 30psi and see what happens. of course at this pressure and with cold kegs you will eventually over carbonate if using co2, hence the need...
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    Grain Bulk Buy Tassie

    3 Maris Otter and a Golden Promise left along with some hops. Can whoever these belong to please pick them up asap, running out of room.
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    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    If they aren't hard to brew, why are there so many bad examples on the market at the moment? Some of the brewers out there really need to start thinking about balance in their beers, a properly balanced beer is so much more enjoyable to drink.
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    WTB: 6 tap flooded font

    Surely someone has a font they want to get rid of, always see them on eBay when I'm not looking to buy one, and now nothing!
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    WTB: 6 tap flooded font

    Don't really mind, that's a nice looking font!
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    WTB: 6 tap flooded font

    I'm after a 6 tap flooded font, I'm in Tassie, but don't mind paying postage.