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  1. J

    Hop Gobbler - 24 L boil

    Right - so I've been looking at the Hop Gobbler recipe on the Coopers app for a while and now I have all the ingredients to make it. The last kit I used was from cleverbrewing and I did a 24 L boil. So I was playing around with IanH's spreadsheet to try and convert the Hop Gobbler recipe into...
  2. J

    Clever Brewing American IPA kit

    I couldn't find a "Crystal (Medium) Malt" so I selected a random one. The EBC is the only thing that doesn't match the figures quoted by Not sure what that even is.. but seems to match the style in the calculator.
  3. J

    Clever Brewing American IPA kit

    I couldn't work the calculator so I used the recipe builder instead to muck around with the boil size and amount of LDME. This is what I came up with: HOME BREW RECIPE: Title: American IPA Author: Clever Brewing Brew Method: Extract Style Name: American IPA Boil Time: 60 min Batch Size: 23...
  4. J

    Clever Brewing American IPA kit

    Just bought my first kit from and it is an American IPA. After doing my last boil in about 4-5 litres (with LDME and hops added to an APA tin and BE2 later on), this boil is asking for 24 litres! Ingredients: 1.85 kg LDME 1.7kg LLME 500 g Crystal Malt Cascade and Styrian...
  5. J

    Hello from Darwin

    Gday Brewers. I am up in Darwin and just getting into home brewing. I've had a look at a couple of the beginners kits on the Coopers website and also been into the local OzBrew store for a gander at their FV's. I am looking to do some extract brews initially. I've got a few recipes from...