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    Apple/Carrot/Pineapple cider

    I need 80-100g for carbonation... but as you can probably tell from my recipe I have a sweet tooth. I'll use a tiny tap on the keg 'out' stem to taste test it so I can cold crash it at about the right time. Actually I'll probably use 2l of apple or pear or pineapple juice rather than sugar. I'm...
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    Apple/Carrot/Pineapple cider

    Let's just say... it smells fruitier than a fruit salad with fruit juice poured on it and garnished with fruit
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    Apple/Carrot/Pineapple cider

    I decided to go for a non-kit cider for a change. Tired of the taste of artificial/so-called natural/non-nutritive sweeteners. I started with 4kg of Bravo apples and 3kg of Granny Smiths. Budget already just about blown. Juicing those just got the bottom of the 30l brew vessel covered. Added...