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    Attempting The 1000 Ibu Benchmark

    I also recall reading something of the sort. I think I remember reading that the threshold of the human tongue tops out at around 120IBU. I'd love to read the article you have in mind if you can find it. I would also imagine that the solubility of iso-alpha-acids tops out at some point well...
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    Yeast Nutrient

    A thread from a couple days ago that has some wine nutrient vs beer nutrient info that may help; I'm not confident in my own knowledge to give you an in depth explanation but my basic understanding is that they are different and...
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    Biere De Garde - Are There Any Available?

    I was at Purvis Cellars (the Surrey Hills store) yesterday and they had the Chevalier Biere De Garde on the shelf. Purvis Beer (the Richmond store) would be closer to you and will probably also have it; amongst many, many other beers.
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    Shattered Erlen Meyer

    How's the quality? I'm a bit reluctant as they seem to be far more expensive everywhere else.
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    Little Creatures Selling Up?

    That seems logical, especially considering the geelong site has massive room for expansion. Either way, i doubt the qualiy of the beers will change in the near future as production will stay at Fremantle, Healesville and soon to be Geelong. There may be a few teething issues once Geelong opens...
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    Yeastie Boys to release Gunnamatta Earl Grey IPA. :party:
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    Given The Arse Kinda......

    It might be worth looking into a course with Open Unis if you want to study further. It's possible to do a Bachelor Of Science online (with a few days each semester of on site study). Perhaps this in your own time while maintaining a full time job (brewing related?) and a family, would be an...
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    Westgate Stout Extravaganza 2012

    I'm thinking about entering as my first entry to a competition ever. Is feedback on the beer provided or is it simply just a list of the top three's?
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    Recipe Help

    Sounds interesting. It might be worth looking into something like a Southern English Brown as a base recipe (for the toffee, caramel, nutty flavours) to tweak and then switch the yeast out for something that throws banana. It sounds a bit crazy but it may work... Good luck. I am keen to see...
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    Keeping A Starter

    Slightly OT, sorry. What would the ill effects be of keeping a starter (including starter 'beer') for an extended period - say a month or two, then decanting and restarting with fresh wort and then pitching? And, if rinsed before 'restarting' do any off/oxidised flavours produced in the first...
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    Mountain Goat Black Pepperberry Ipa

    I was thinking about posting a topic about this beer. Good to see someone else already has :) Absolutely brilliant; on tap and out of the bottle. Safe to say it will be one of my favourites for this year. I would definitely be keen to hear some guesstimates at a recipe for this. I took the...
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    RecipeDB - DrSmurto's Golden Ale

    I used this grain bill with a little bit of magnum for bittering and 500g of home grown, freshly picked, 'wet' wurttemberger (similar to Tettnang, I believe). Oh god. :icon_drool2: The best beer I've brewed so far. Amazingly sticky head and mouth feel due to the hops too. Worked really well...
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    Pale Ale With Honey Flavour

    If you're chasing melanoidins, it might be worth looking into an extended boil too. Maybe 90minutes or more - just repeating what I've heard on BrewStrong. No first hand experience here. In fact, here's a link. It's a good listen and definitely informative as to what melanoidins are and how...
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    Meaty Taste

    I had a beer that ended with a moderate bacon taste and smell with it. It was a beer that we had f'd up to start with. Second batch ever; water volumes were nowhere near correct, boiled too long and vigorously - ended up with about 5L of super concentrated wort. Topped up to 23L, pitched a...
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    Corny Keg - Rusty Weld?

    Will do. Thanks guys.
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    Corny Keg - Rusty Weld?

    Hey all, Just decided to get into kegging so I went to Keg King and the bloke there set me up with everything I needed. Unfortunately, because I'm new to this, I didn't think to inspect the kegs first. I just took them and left. I went to clean them yesterday and found this: Soaked in...
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    Mad Brewers Hoppy Hefe

    Local 1st Choice (Ringwood) also has it.
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    Js 150 Lashes

    I'm brewing up a couple kegs for a mates party and have been asked to brew some 150 Lashes (or thereabouts). Couldn't find any recipes for this beer so I've attempted to start one with my limited knowledge. I know it's 100% malt and uses a little bit of wheat. Apparently Willamette, NS and...
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    Ebay, Gumtree and FB Marketplace

    2 Corny Keg set up. Just wanting to get a portable kegging set up for a few mates parties. Anyone bought from these guys/thoughts on this kit?
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    Recipe Check - Russian Imperial Stout

    This RIS is also a first for me too. I won't be adding yeast when I bottle (which should be really soon) as I think the yeast will eventually do it's thing and carb it up over time, it just may take a lot longer than the usual two week wait. I will however, be bottling a couple in PET bottles...