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    Equipment For Sale [NSW, 2213] - Unused Pumps, Fittings and Used Gas Cylinders

    Brand new, unused. Components from an ambitious project that I lost the momentum on and have moved on. 6m of 1/2" hose 1 helix coil for draining 6 1/2" ball valves 3 25W Magnetic pumps 3 Stainless Steel pump lids 6 1/2" internal threaded female tees ~19 pairs of Camlock Female / 1/2" hose bard...
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    Equipment For Sale [NSW, 2213] - Cheeky Peak Brewing Kettles, 3 x 70L, BNIB

    3 x 70L Brewing Kettles from Cheeky Peak. Brand new, in boxes - part of a project that never eventuated. Purchased 18 months ago. 1 Kettle is plain (HLT). 1 Kettle has an insulating jacket (base, sides and lid) and GrainStopper perforated plate. 1 Kettle has an insulating jacket (base, sides...
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    Adding sugar during ferment

    Also available @ Beerco in 450g packs #unaffliated
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    PET Kegs and more

    Nah, they are 40mm too wide. I'd go from 3 kegs in my fridge down to 2... Plus you've said the oxygen barrier is good enough, but not the best at the moment. Worth considering for a Chrissy present, but not for wholesale replacement of my current setup. Cheers for the prompt reply!
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    PET Kegs and more

    A dedicated horizontal keg: With a 'this way up' design that meant it didn't need any tubing inside (Can use a check-valve ball lock connector for the gas side)- I'd put money down today. Upon reflection, this would be a greater priority than the opacity, for my circumstances...
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    PET Kegs and more

    I think that people are after a combination of SHAPE (same size as a typical Corny keg), PORTABILITY (lightweight vs SS), OPACITY (being able to see the volume left over in the keg) and Low/No OXYGEN INGRESS. I find it obvious why anyone would suggest that your product be trialled, as it's the...
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    Why use 9.5L vs 19L Kegs?

    I justify the beer fridge in the kitchen by having 9.5L kegs. Have three of them + a 4L mini keg of Coffee, so that I still have two shelves and the freezer section for groceries, which was a welcome addition in storage space for the missus.
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    Polypropylene sample tubes

    Great deal, but am in the wrong state.
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    I've seen other groups incentivise reviews (or at least social media posts) by offering discounts. Beerco come to mind, but there might be others. If you want an honest review of $1, $2, <$10 products, maybe get more traction that way. You could do a 'Buy four, get the fourth one free (paid back...
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    They did do the PBW Bulk discount code. Other than that, not heaps?
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    ultratap or intertap? is there a difference?

    Ahh WEAL, I've got time for you. However, it seems as if the spare shuttle is part of a separate product, the 'seal kit'. They're not the clearest in language, and the video can readily lead you into believing you're getting a spare one... Just facts for others reading the thread later on.
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Remembered this old post when I read your COVID-19 update:
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    EOI Voyager Malt. Also the new geared 3 roller grain mill.

    I think the big difference between previous bulk buys and this one is that it's hard to gauge the progress... I have no idea if you are 1 bag short from the order minimum or 20. Sometimes you see everyone else getting on board and that can drive momentum.
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    Black Friday deals??

    KL & KK will say that they offer such competitive prices, it's like a sale year-round! There might be some specific US-based gear that you could get a discount on, but it's rare at the moment for this context. I find the Beerco specials page to be where I see most 'sales' these days.
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    Reverse Osmoses

    Specifically, they have a Chloramine RO Unit for say $280. It also includes a gauge, so that would be my preference (as I'm based in Sydney) over your $250 one.
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    Reverse Osmoses

    10 Years. I'm looking into getting a RO System, but from what I've read everywhere, PSI water filters are the way to go.
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    3d printer for mill output hopper

    I'm getting one (3D Printer) come the end of September. Once I do some of the other things in my wishlist, I'll let you know!
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    Keg King Conversation

    I think it's pretty clear he wants that sale...
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    2019 NSW Amateur Home Brewing Championship

    Thanks. First comp I'm entering, so it's all very unknown.
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    2019 NSW Amateur Home Brewing Championship

    "There is a limit of 600 paid entries." Is this the limit for the whole comp? I might register promptly then!