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    Stone And Wood Mash Collective - The Pitch

    Missed previous post, but saw the link to this in the Grain & Grape newsletter - great oppurtunity for anyone thinking of stepping into the commercial world. Sounds like a good night for a few beers and some good grub too! Cheers, Morrie "]Link Here
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    Power Bill

    I've come to the conclusion that women cost a lot to run! :D Just wondering what kind of tarrifs everyone is paying? In Tassie they are: Standard residential rates Light and Power Tariff 31 Fixed Charges 89.145 /day Energy Rate (all units) 25.132 /unit Note: Curtilage conditions may...
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    Saving An Over Diluted Beer?

    Or you could lower the temp until the water freezes (Eisbock). Remove the ice and see how it ends up. Not certain it will fix all (or any) of the issues, but worth trying before you chuck it and move on.
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    Australias Hottest 100 Poll 2011

    Just tried it again for the same result! Sent the clever people an email, so hopefully it's fixed soon, as I'm sick of selecting the beers from the drop down lists! :wacko:
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    Do You Want Craft Beer On Tv?

    Done. Geez ther's been some shite on telly! Keep up the great work Merc and here's hoping you get another series at least! Cheers, Morrie
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    Wakkatoo's Brew Shed

    Looks good Wakka and just in time to enjoy for Xmas! :beerbang: I'm looking at something similar for my place (hopefully soon) - can you give me a rough idea on the cost (slab & shed)? Cheers, Morrie
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    Hopco Challenge - Tassie.

    Ah yes. I met the guys at the New Syd on Friday. I wasn't going to enter this comp, but when I saw 2 large bags of hops sitting on the end of the table and Kev with his scales and zip lock bags, how could I resist! :D I'll definitely use them all in a single beer like an APA of sorts to try and...
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    Soda Stream Question

    I found that with the newer type of cylinders, you need to screw it hard up into the adapter in order for the pin to be fully depressed. If your adapter is designed for the sodastream thread, then they should be able to be screwed straight into them, unless the thread on the bottle has been...
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    Cost Of Living In Tassie

    Hey Browndog, C'mon down....and bring some bags of grain with you!! :P Seriously, it's a great lifestyle down here. Not sure which other capital cities offer the 1st hour free in their car parks! Check out the Hobart City Council site for some info HCC Not sure if you're familiar with the...
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    Millmaster Gear Guard Bulk Buy

    Just received mine. Thanks for your efforts Sully - will have a beer for you tonight :icon_drunk: Cheers, Morrie
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    Millmaster Gear Guard Bulk Buy

    Still waiting down here in Tassie Andy, so don't feel left out mate! :D
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    How To Clean Racking Arm In Conical Fermenter?

    Hi Tanuki, Welcome to the forum. Give Ross at Craftbrewer a call and he'll able to let you know what you can do. He'll probably respond on here shortly as well :) Cheers, Morrie
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    Bulk Buy 12" Pulley For Millmaster

    Just received mine :D Thanks for a well organised BB and fast delivery BYB :beer: I'm looking forward to getting my mill up and working withough raising a sweat! Cheers, Morrie
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    Put A Caption To The Picture

    Dr Evil and Mini Me once again try to take over the brewing world....
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    Hobart What To See And Do Beer Wise Besides The Cascade Tour?

    Iron House is up the East Coast (about 2.5 hour drive), so if you are up that way definitely call in! If not, some pubs have their Pale on tap, including New Sydney Hotel in Hobart. Do pack lots of warm clothes! Snow on the Mountain at the moment, which means it's chilly. As others have...
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    Millmaster Gear Guard Bulk Buy

    Great work Sully. 1. Sully 2. Sammus 3. Glaab 4. Thommo 5. snooze 6. canon1ball 7. Cortez The Killer 8. grantw 9. LexP 10. Brewer Pete 11. cliffo 12. Henno 13. Leiothrix 14. redb 15. geoff_tewierik 16. GMK 17. Stubbie 18. nifty 19. 3G 20. RandyRob 21. Sanders4_ 22. dakron - 2 please 23. Pocket...
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    Bulk Buy 12" Pulley For Millmaster

    Fantastic timimg BYB! Have just ordered my motor, which will hopefully arrive in the next few days, so I was just about to start sourcing a pulley :D Count me in for sure Back Yard Brewer Spog geoff_tewierik jlm Pumpy Morrie Edit - Pumpy - I added your +1 to the list, but if you were +1'ing...
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    Gas Leak On Gas Do I Fix It?

    Pok, What about the inner nut? Is that rounded as well? If not you might get better purchase on it. Although, as the valve is stuffed anyway, why not grab the whole valve with some pliers and see if it will shift then. Cheers, Morrie
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    Guide To Keg Forced Carbonation.

    Is the sodastream bottle fully screwed into the reg adaptor? I had a new type bottle a month or so ago, and it needed an extra couple of mm's of turn to get the pin depressed on the bottle. Can you get gas out of bottle without it being connected to the keg? If you have a non return valve, is...
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    March Pump 809 Bulk Buy

    Just rang and paid Karl - what a top bloke! Will now race home after work each day until it arrives! Thanks for organising Dave - Merry Christmas :D Cheers, Morrie