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    Unintentional sour - what happened?!

    So I was short on time but, more distressingly, short on beer earlier this year, so I did a couple of quick, dodgy partial kit brews so I could have something to drink. One partial was a dark ale kit to which I added some black barley and chocolate malt. The sugars were 60/40 DME and dextrose...
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    Perth FS: Urn and more

    PM also sent regarding stir plate, should it still be up for grabs!
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    Suggestions For A Mulberry Wheat Beer

    Apologies for reviving an old thread, but just thought I'd mention that this turned out really well. 60% wheat mash, Wyeast Weihenstephanner fermented reasonably warm for more banana, 10 days on mulberries in the secondary. Cracked the first bottle tonight and it was great - super refreshing...
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    Hefeweizen head retention

    I was fortunate enough to visit the Weihenstephanner brewery and noticed them doing something similar to this. When pouring a round of Hefes, they'd fill the last glass mainly with foam and use it to top them all off.
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    Anyone tried making cheese at home?

    I did one a similar all-day course, though it was a degree more expensive. It didn't blow me away - if you're into doing your own reading and research, you probably don't need the courses.
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    Anyone tried making cheese at home?

    I brew, my wife makes the cheese. It's the perfect partnership, because my LHBS has cheesemaking gear as well, so I never need to come up with any elaborate justifications or excuses for when I wanna go and blow more money on brewstuff! She's make some great feta, haloumi and mozzarella from...
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    Suggestions For A Mulberry Wheat Beer

    Hey JT, Did you end up having a crack at this? I'm going to be trying something similar on the weekend. How did it turn out? Cheers, Ash
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    Happy accidents!

    That is a lot of links, and I clearly have some learning to do in the field of 'how to use a search bar' :blush: And Tim, yup that's the one! Thanks for the clarification!
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    Happy accidents!

    Hey all, Apologies if this is in the wrong section, I couldn't think of anywhere other than a 'general' section to put it. I was on the positive side of a bit of a brewing accident today. About four or five months ago I brewed a poorly-conceived pale ale recipe as my second AG brew, and a lot...
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    Permanent sanitiser vessel

    Hi all. Firstly, I'm more of a lurker than a poster and just wanted to convey my thanks to this forum for all of the helpful info contributed by all of the members. My first four AGs have been pretty hassle free thanks to the troubleshooting this forum provides! I have an old, spare fermenter...
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    Chiller and hops question

    Hi all. Perhaps a bit of a newbie question, but somethings been nibbling at me as I've been reading up on wort chillers. A number of posts I've read about plate chillers have users mention that one particular annoyance is when the hops clog it. I would have thought a simple solution to this...
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    Cheers Rowy. Was actually fortunate enough to pick up a three vessel system and kegerator with all the trimmings for a very competitive price, so gonna be going full bore soon. Looking forward to this Easter week coming up, let me tell you! Cheers, Ash
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    Hello everyone, My name is Ash - long time lurker, first time poster. The information on this forum is both essential and inspirational to my own grandiose home brew plans. I've done a few kit brews and am looking to go all in with some All-grain BIAB, kegging, and yeast banking. I might be...