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    Pid To Ssr Wiring

    :icon_offtopic: Industrial myself. Most of us agree that the trade should be industrial/domestic split instead of the current fitter/mechanic split.
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    Cider Kit (black Rock) With Xtra Malt,sucrose And A Sg Of 1200! Is

    Sugar syrup solution in the fermenter tap then?
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    American Brown Ale Recipe - Feedback?

    Add a 5-10min hop addition. Bring it up to 40IBU. With all those dark malts leave it 6 weeks in the bottle, drink it & then think about what to do differently next time. It'll be a cracker.
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    Show us your brewrig

    Pick it up & tip it in the bin. If it's too heavy, use a Wet/dry shop vacuum cleaner.
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    Brewers In Remote Areas - Where Do You Buy Your Ingredients?

    Living in Mt Isa, my LHBS is Craftbrewer. I buy spec grains in 4.999kg lots. Combos of hops, yeast, other bits in 4.999kg lots. Base malts we got in bulk (about 8 sacks) plus around 6 fresh wort kits, a kegerator, bags of extra stuff sent up on a pallet. Was about $400 for freight but got us set...
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    The Braumeister Is Good But.........

    Mate broke his BM during clean-up. Went to tip the water out, while resting one of the 3 legs against the bench for support. Folded the leg in, creasing the bottom of the pot. The malt pipe wouldn't seal against the bottom until it had a trip to the panel beaters. Dunno how many he'd had by then.
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    Stc-1000 Help/advice

    One of my Chinese eBay ones broke down last week, after about 1 year use. 2nd is still going strong. In winter the fermenter was dropping down past 15degC overnight as the nights got colder, so used a heat belt for a few weeks.
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    Fracking Bottles

    Either way, I don't think putting a bit of alfoil on some bottles vs balancing upturned bottles in milkcrates constitutes "wasting your life"
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    Fracking Bottles

    I guess it's because he said he sterilized them?
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    Help Me Write A Thesis On Beer: Tell Me About Your Ingredients

    I select my ingredients in ascending profit return to lamb farmers, thereby increasing my likelyhood of receiving a hug from Sam Kekovich.
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    Flat Beer From Bulk Priming

    I've got to the bottom of the bottling bucket & found concentrated sugar "sludge" which gave an uneven carbonation through the batch. I thought it could have been the warm syrup hitting the cold beer & coming out of solution. Last night I did the "tap-to-tap" connection idea, & it seems to mix a...
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    New 4wd - Decisions.....

    I'll bite. Ever seen a road after a few council trucks do a few u-turns? I'll admit that I'm one of the 2% that lives in the 98% of Australia, but I'll be dammed if I'll buy one car to drive to work, & another to go camping with.
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    New 4wd - Decisions.....

    I drive a 4.2L 105 series Landcruiser (solid front axle) non-turbo. I love it, as around here it's only short highway distances till you hit the dirt. Big cabin space, heaps of extras, but heavy on fuel. If you're thinking non-turbo, take it on the highway, then try passing someone who's doing...
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    Pt100 Sensor Mounti

    Thermowells add mechanical protection too. Personally I wouldn't worry about it, but something to consider.
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    Is It Worth Making An Electric Urn?

    & a new 15 amp circuit. I went the keggle + immersion heater + STC-1000 for my BIAB. It's been great, but a bigger pot (for double batches) would make it even better. No sight tube, I use a dipstick. I agree with the above though, for an off the shelf solution, an urn is hard to beat.
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    What's Your Favourite Stout?

    That's a long trip mate!
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    What's Your Favourite Stout?

    Of the few stout's I've tried, NC Old Rasputin is the best stout I've tasted. Would love to find it on tap in a dark, dank corner in winter somewhere.
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    Who's Cold Tonight?

    The solution can be found here 15degC in Mt Isa at the moment. Kids are under 2 blankets wearing flannies. Wife is shivering & banging on about reverse cycle aircons. I'm in shorts & shirt with a toucan stout. Warm as you like.
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    Cider Ideas

    The Ladies of The House 'round these parts are after a Rekorderlig type thing, which to my mind is an alcoholic cordial. Super sweet & syrupy. I draw the limit at 500g lactose & serving over juice. Edit: Oh, this is with 20L Berri juice (Apple/Pear/Blackberry combos) & cider yeast.
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    'battle Of The Toucans'

    I've had PET bottles lose pressure after about 6 months. Glass if you plan on aging longer I reckon. More experienced bottlers might chime in. Drinking a Coopers Stout + Dark Ale + 1kg Dex as I type. Old faithful doesn't disappoint.