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    Brewing an IPA at 29 degrees?

    Hi All, I started brewing an IPA and the temperatures have hit about 36 degrees outside. I managed to keep the brew inside an insulated shed, submerged in water. It fermented between 26 to 31 degrees (averaging 29 degrees). It has stopped bubbling after day 5. My original SG was 1.064 and...
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    Liquid Culture Yeast, which to use & how much?

    Thanks Spiesy, very helpful. Some further questions to Spiesy or anyone else that can help, as I am very simple person: 1. If I bought the liquid yeast culture, could I simply just keep it in the fridge until required and then pour say 1/4 into my brew each time (essentially using it 4 times...
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    Liquid Culture Yeast, which to use & how much?

    I have been home brewing for a while now and only brew kit beers (mainly coopers) in kegs only, just because I find it quick simple and I seem to get a reasonable brew. A friend of mine who has also been brewing for a while, suggested I try liquid culture yeast. He tells me you will get a...