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    New Bbc Beer? Series To Download

    It means you have a full copy and make it available to others through the torrent. Regards Mick
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    Hop Rhizomes For Sale

    PM sent for POR and Chinook
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    Bucks Party In Adelaide

    I heard the Mars Bar is pretty good for a bucks show ;)
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    Castor Sugar?

    If you like cidery beer use heaps :icon_vomit:
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    Star San - 1.6ml Per Litre?

    How long does that last? The reason I ask is that Starsan deteriorates pretty quickly over time if the water is not pure. If you use demineralised water you can extend the "mixed" shelf life of Starsan considerably. As a side note I always use a 500ml squirty bottle with 1ml of Starsan. This...
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    Methods Of Straining Hot Break/hop Pellets

    Doesn't whirpooling with a pump stir up all the trub or does it stay sitting in the centre of the kettle? Mick
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    Caffreys Recipe

    Did you pitch enough yeast and of a type that will handle high alcohol levels? You're at 7.3% now, what yeast did you use? It would be sweet and nasty at 1034. Mick
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    Stir Plate Starter Quality

    +1 on that. If you chill it down to settle and pour off the beer on top the yeast is dormant. I would pitch it while it is active for an ale. Also I would worry about infection if you are adding warm tap water to your starter? Do you boil it first? Mick
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    Making Slants- How Much Agar To Use?

    Hi Jase, Ask them for aga aga - little a's not A as in Aim - a as in apple Don't use gelatin, it melts a too low a temperature. You will end up with sloppy slants :) Regards Mick
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    Sa Mid Year Case Swap 09

    I've just put my name on the wiki - that makes 24 Sorry to ask but are 640ml longnecks okay or should they be 750mls? I only have 3 x 750mls and lots of 640mls, maybe a good time to go buy some coopers stout :) Mick
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    Wort Lost To Trub And Chiller

    Hi Philip, You need a bit of a fall on your hoses and make sure they fill (raise them a little at the start to get rid of bubbles), this way you will get a good syphon effect and be able to drain wort all the way to the bottom of your kettle. Mick
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    RecipeDB - Ginger Pilsner

    Cheers Boston
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    RecipeDB - Ginger Pilsner

    Hi Boston, Any chance you could PM the beersmith file too please? Thanks Mick
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    Cider Recipe

    Heya Bowie, Just thought I would point out that the lactose mixed with the apple juice smells a little spewy during the ferment :blink: (at least it has in my experience) but it fades out near the end. Cheers Mick
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    2008 Sa Xmas Case Swap

    Sort of explains how I get away with using the urine sample jars for slanting, they have an enormous mouth compared to a test tube and I am not anally cautious about hygiene when I'm slanting. I usually pop the lid, tip any moisture out then pick some yeast using a metho dunked needle and place...
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    2008 Sa Xmas Case Swap - Tastings

    Were you in the army at some stage Butters? Calling people from the Navy, pussers is pretty typical of someone who is\was a pongo :) Mick
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    What Type Of Sanitizer?

    Is the oz a fluid oz or a weight oz? 1 fl oz = 29.6ml 1 oz - 28gms Starsan is a liquid so I would assume it was a fluid measure. Mick
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    What Type Of Sanitizer?

    Hi Guys, I think you'll find your Starsan under strength at that ratio. By my calculations it's 1ml of Starsan per 630ml of water - I always use 1ml Starsan per 500ml demineralised water and have no issues with my brews. 1oz\5gal = 1ml\630ml Mick
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    Apple Cider

    Don't you mean pear pumpy? Mick