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    My first GB ever. Chapos GB and a few questions

    Hi there. For those of you who didn’t read my introduction; I’m from the Netherlands so English is not my native language. My apologies in advance for any spell of grammar errors. After reading for days on this board I think I’m ready to make my own ginger beer. I want to make Chapos GB from...
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    Greetings from The Netherlands

    Thank you. I don't have rhubarb in my garden but I do have the space for it so maybe I will try to grow it. For now I can buy rhubarb so maybe I will try this combination when my first GB turns out right. :-)
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    Greetings from The Netherlands

    First of all thank you for this site with lots and lots of useful information. I've been reading for days now on this site and I have many more to read. It's hard for me not to wander off to all the other delightful recipes because my first real project will be a ginger beer from scratch. At...