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    Hand pump/beer engine has arrived!

    another option to lower the price of postage may do a bulk buy of somekind (not really bulk but like 4 beer engines from the place above). Id be interested.
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    Hand pump/beer engine has arrived!

    I have tried Cosmic Berties beer. The hand pump is fantastic, his accent is hard to understand at times (Yorkshire accent) but after a few pints of his beer and the beer engine my brain doesnt seem to mind. Hey nice hat Bertie is that a hat from colombia or somewhere south america??
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    You Know You're A Dedicated Homebrewer When...

    Yep being proven through childrens eyes with the beer obsession. My 4 year old daughter said to me Tuesday night whilst bottling. "Daddy why do you brew beer everyday"? Daddy you love beer dont you??
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    Melbourne/vic Grain Bulk Buy (april '12)

    Thankyou to Wolfy and who else helped out with the bulk buy. Very much appreciated. Regards Mark
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    Chocolate Stout

    Im about to go for a chocolate porter. Using lindt chocolate 85% cocoa would you recommend heating it up adding a bit of vodka to sterlise it so to speak then add to secondary fermenter or simply put in the boil? Id like to achieve a well rounded chocolate flavour to the brew. Any extra info...
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    Go Havles With In Bags Of Grain And Hops Etc ?

    Hops will be bought from Ellerslie hops by the kilo. Grain will be by just the usual 25kg price from the shop but when you split the bags in half it is still very reasonable. Hops POR Hallertau Cascade Saaz Northern brewer Centennial and a few others i figure. So for the grain basically im...
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    Go Havles With In Bags Of Grain And Hops Etc ?

    Hi im looking to see if someone who lives on the tullamarine, sunbury side of the city who wants to go halves in specialty 25 kg bags of malt and hops etc. Im doing all grain brewing and instead of getting the odd few kilos of specialty malts and hops id like to get a broad range. Im in...
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    Get up early and do the brew. Try not to drink whilst you are brewing due to handling hot water. Maybe thats just me but beer tastes even better when you are also in the process of making it. Have you got a pulley type system to help with hanging the bag?
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    Braumeister Purchasing Costs

    Sorry that didnt make too much sense. Id first think about saving $1000 then its a saving.
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    Braumeister Purchasing Costs

    Yes id agree with suchidog with the costs of importation. VOTI and brokers charges cuts down on your savings and then no warranty on the product might end up giving you more hassle then you wanted. Other option is to see if someone knows how to build one and get four or five brewers to...
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    Again Free Shipping Costs at BelgianSHop

    As far as i know bringing alcohol through the postal system you will get charged. If Customs holds the goods (for the people who have gotten it through then it was luck) then you are up for GST plus the taxes on beer which are based on a percentage. There is a concession when you bring...
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    Holgate Brewery, Flat Beer,poor Barstaff,slap Time

    Holgate brewery do have a great selection but yes the ambience and feel of the place tends to be business business business and not the friendly type of service for a small brewery. Great presentation of the place and the bottles but i do agree not the friendliest small run business out there.
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    Melbourne/vic Brew Day?

    Post punk hey! PIL, gang of four, Mission of Burma,Wire, the fall, what other good bands am i missing out on re post punk?
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    Grain And Grape Artisanale Type 1 - How To Improve It.

    I have tried a couple of these with my friend. First time was just as you did, added 3 litres of water and we thought it came out fantastic, and why shouldnt it. 2nd time round i think my friend added Hallertau or possibly tettnang. I could taste the difference but both were such a great drop...
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    Andechser Bergbock Hell Recpie?

    Thankyou much appreciated. Regards Ive gone over the recipie database but havent gotten my head around the use of all the malts used. The base malts no worries it just takes time to get the 300 grams of this and then 250 grams of that. Just gonna take a bit of time and patience i think...
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    Andechser Bergbock Hell Recpie?

    Hi all ive been trolling the forum and yet to post. Hello all. Id like to replicate a Andechs Bergbock Hell beer. Im new to all grain and have done a few and a couple of BIABs aswell. Drinking too much and loving the brewing days. Any ideas on this recipie to replicate this? 6.9% ABV...