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    BULK HONEY BUY-EOI- East Melbourne

    Dan, Interested in an Orange Gold if there is a spare. Regards, Duck
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    Using an ice immersed wort chiller.

    I have been doing what Cosmic Bertie above suggested and using my water tank water in a closed loop. With 2500 litres of water available and a 4 L/m pump it gives a nice slow flow rate. I find my temps drop quickly to about 40 C in about 15-20 mins but getting down to about 20 is a real...
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    Need a Brisbane bottle-o that stocks craft beers

    Hi All, Off to Brissy this weekend for a family event. Ideally, I'd love to take my own brews, but since I am doing "carry on only", I will have to buy up there. Looking for a shop somewhere near Chermside, Albany Creek, Arana Hills areas. I have a GPS but am no expert on Brisbane suburbs...
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    Rapidly Thaw A Fermenter

    Thanks for all the creative suggestions guys. I don't care about the yeast cells, it was done fermenting. I have also run it through a 1 micron filter, so it should have got most out. I used the small fan heater for an hour last night, not sure it made much difference. Ended up leaving the...
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    Taking Homebrew On A Plane In Luggage?

    I'd also consider using a carbonator cap from CB or Keg King. Pour your favourite brew into a PET bottle and screw on the carbo cap. Hit it with a blast from your gas connector and it should stay well carbed for the journey. KK has them for about $15. Also good for going to parties with a few...
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    Rapidly Thaw A Fermenter

    Hi All, Probably not your standard question... but here goes. How do you rapidly unfreeze a fermenter ? I went down to the brewery tonight to filter and keg a brew and on getting it out of the fridge, found that the whole shebang was a beerscicle. Yes I can leave it over night, but I need to...
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    2012 Hop Plantations

    Indeed they probably would. I have had them in pots to try and work out where they would grow best. I have little or no north facing areas that I can grow them in. The Perle and Goldings varieties can't really go in the ground where they are as they are sitting on a large area paved with...
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    2012 Hop Plantations

    So far this year things seem to be going well for my hops. Perle on the Left and Goldings on the right Saaz (1st year rhizome) Victoria at the back and Hersbrucker in front Tettnang, Mt Hood and Pride of Ringwood (front to back) I'll be getting more weed mat and spreading these out on...
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    Fs: Melb Hop Rhizomes/plants (9 Varieties)

    Wolfy, Can I get the Cluster rhizome and we can trade rhizome for cash at the club meeting ? Duck
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    Yob's Sales/give-aways

    Done deal. I am away for work until the end of the week. Does it need to move urgently ? Are you around over the weekend if I was to come by to pick it up ? Duck
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    Biab; Consecutive Batches?

    I only use a single vessel for BIAB and can get thru 2 brews in a day without many issues, even in winter (although it can be cold and dark during clean up !!) The only way I have found to do this easily in Winter is to no chill. In summer, as long as you have a good wort chiller, you should...
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    Yob's Sales/give-aways

    Yob, My bad. it looked like a heat belt around the fermenter until I clicked on the pic and zoomed in !! I gather the STC is NOT part of the deal ? In the pic, looks like a 30 litre fermenter fits in easily ? SWMBO would be very happy to recover the bottom 2 shelves of the freezer in the...
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    Yob's Sales/give-aways

    Yob.. what size is the fridge/freezer bit ? Got dimensions ? Interested for sure, especially since I only live a couple of suburbs away ;-) Also.. it appears you have a fermenter belt in there.. is it workable as both lager and ale temp control ? Duck
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    Vicbrew 2012

    Congrats to all the winners and place getters. But also congrats to all the folks who submitted an entry at all. It takes a bit of a leap of faith to enter your beer in a comp with so many great brewers out there. My first few times I entered comps, I wasn't quite ready for the ego crushing...
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    Jao The Ultimate Beginners Mead Recipe

    While checking on my fermenters in the garage yesterday, I took a few mins to take a sample from my mead that I have had sitting there for over 2 years. It is a basic sack mead and was approx 3.5:1 (Water:Honey) mix. It poured out beautifully clear with a desert wine aroma and 100 mls or so...
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    Bulk Buy - Little Brown Pumps

    Don't worry, My LBP from Gryphon did excatly the same thing, re-inforcing that they are probably the same unit re-badged. Cable tying it will probably be the best option I think or use something like a saddle bracket or a short piece of galvanised bracing strip. Maybe even a piece of velcro...
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    Who Wants To Buy Some Grain And Hops Cheap?

    Hi Yeastmister, Left a VM for you on your mobile. Interested in a few bits and pieces. Duck
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    Manticle... you should ask Andy D about successfully making a Doppelbock. Muhahahahahaha :lol: Like Raven19 my first ever Doppelbock is approaching the end of it's primary as we speak. It was a triple decocted jobby too. A whole freakin day to make so it damn well better be worth it ...
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    Gas V Electric Costs

    Looking at Solar only as a source of energy is pretty short sighted. Anyone for a wind turbine ?? It's a bit blowy in Melbourne today and has been cloudy/pissing down on and off. With a reasonable wind turbine, I could have been putting anywhere from .5-4kW/hr into the grid while my 1.5kW...