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    Getting started in sours.

    Also, Wild Brews by Jeff Sparrow would be my suggested book on technical/process details, while getting inspiration from mad fermentationist website.
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    Getting started in sours.

    I've been brewing sours for a few years now. Lambic, Gueze, Framboise, Kriek and random funky beers. You can either work out what you want to achieve (IE, sour/funky/tart/dark/spicy etc) and find a grist, yeast & bacteria to get you there. Or you can brew whatever, add some stuff and see what...
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    Bottling using an old wine cork

    There's a difference in closure between tirage crown seal (IE Champagne) and corked belgians. The belgian bottles wont take a crown seal of any size. And the only way to cork them is with a corker (or maybe a hammer if you're game).
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    Coopers best extra stout recipe (AG)

    Loosely speaking, you should get close with: Pale malt to about 80% Wheat to about 10% 10% roasted (split between choc and RB) Bitter to about 40 ibu with POR Reculture coopers yeast to ferment (all coopers uses the same yeast) Wont be exact, but a good starting point.
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    Sour brewers can you check my process for first lambic?

    Are you going to clean ferment first, or start off with the bugs? I'm just looking at doing my first too, and i haven't decided this yet... I'd probably agree about starting it after summer (or most of the summer heat). I'll be doing similar, but i have a cellar, so mine will be going under...
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    Hop Combo For A Double IPA

    Probably a waste of Montueka? I dont think you'll notice it in there against the other hops.
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    You'll definitely find Epic Pale in Adelaide. If you can't, you probably have your eyes shut. Try Goodwood cellars, belair fine wines, HWY or Stirling hotel bottle shop to name a few.
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    Determining ABV when adding fermentables to secondary

    If you know the actual amount of fermentables, then just work it out as if it were added during the boil. So if you're using software, and you were (for example) adding 500g of sugar after/during ferment, you would just add it to your software as if it was during the boil. Given that you are...
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    Best fruit delivery system.

    Does anyone know the recommended dosage for the craftbrewer fruit flavourings? This thread reminded me that i bought a few ages ago and never tried them. Not sure how much to add. Might just try it off in a few bottles first. Is there a listed amount of concentrate to add per litre of beer or...
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    Processing Olives

    Yeah, that was one of my thoughts, but it wasnt in the fridge, just sitting on the bench at (winter) room temp.
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    Processing Olives

    I did some last year similar to donburke's method. Once they were done i drained them, put them in a big screwtop glass jar (cleaned but not sanitised) and topped it up with oil, garlic & chilli. Went to the kitchen the next morning and it looked horrific- had gone semi solid with 'clouds' of...
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    Drinking Order

    Thanks fellas, makes a lot more sense that way :P Cheers!
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    Drinking Order

    This has sort of been touched on in other threads, but it mainly seemed to be inconclusive. When having a selection of beers (or a tasting paddle etc) is there a specific order you are supposed to follow? IE, relating to the colour, IBU's, alc % or anything like that? I had a tasting paddle at...
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    Recipe Ideas - Pales With Lots Of Late/cube Hops

    I brewed a similar beer recently, trying to get a good idea of the flavour aroma etc for Calypso. It was the first time i'd brewed with it. From early tastings it seems pretty bitter, with a fair amount of harshness rather than a smooth bitterness. I'd read elsewhere that it was pretty clean...
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    Fermentation Temperature Control Idea

    For $200 + postage? Or get a fridge (free or up to $100ish?) plus stc or similar ($30ish). I'm pretty sure its easier to control the environment inside a fridge than it is to control the environment with a blanket. My setup was like $10 for an ebay fridge & $30ish for stc and i have no issues...
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    2012 Hop Plantations

    Anyone got a trellis design that will allow for multiple varieties of hops to be grown without any chance they will climb into each other? Last year i grew my hops at home, growing up the side of the (2 storey) house. This year i have moved half of them (3) to the folks farm and am growing...
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    Grain Shops - Adelaide

    I believe jovial monk hasn't existed for years... Not so sure about whats around in the south, but both Brewadelaide & Beerbelly are fantastic & will have everything you need. The folks at both shops are always happy to help out with everything also (from recipe formulation, noob questions...
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    Polaris Hops

    Most recent email from Niko hops talks about this new variety: We are also pleased and excited to announce the availability of the hop variety Polaris. This is a "brand new high alpha hop with strong, pleasant, fruity, refreshing, Gletschereisbonbon (glacier-like) notes". We've also been given...
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    Irish Moss Or Gelatine

    Definitely been covered a lot of times. However: No, they don't behave in the same way. Irish moss coagulates proteins (i think?) during the boil. Gelatine helps pull the yeast out of suspension after fermentation. So no, irish moss wont flocculate yeast, because there wont be any yeast in your...
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    Gelatine, Dry Hopping And Cold Conditioning

    To be honest, i'm not sure that adding gelatine, then doing all the other steps is worth while. You'll stir it up a litte (even if being careful) when transfering etc. I would go with the following order: complete the ferment then adding dry hops (or near end of ferment) then cold condition...