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    Inkbird New Product Releasing and Giveaway for one of new product!

    Yes please, count me in. Thanks inkbird!
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    Beer Line Length Help

    It’s post 25 but I’m sure if you were looking you’d have found it
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    Bulk Galaxy Hops

    I’d ask Brewman if he could do a 1kg deal
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    Black Hops Hornet Clone

    @Toby couldn’t pm you for some reason, anyway here’s the email I got from them Hi Bevan thats awesome to hear, cheers mate. As for recipe, here is a 63L home brew batch we did of Beach House, this should help. Grain: 8kg Pale Malt (we use Barrett Burston) 4kg Wheat Malt (BB) Mashed at 67...
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    Black Hops Hornet Clone

    I’ll see if I can find it for you
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    Kegerator with triple font / Perlick 525SS taps

    If this was in Melbourne would have been all over this! Bargain!
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    INKBIRD Giveaway of ITC-308 WIFI

    Yes please, I need one of those thanks!
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    Using plastic wrap to seal fermentor

    I’ve glad wrapped the couple of years and had no problems with dry hopping. I only peel the glad wrap back enough to be able to drop in my dry hops, its a way smaller hole than taking off lid for it. Any CO2 build up just pushes its way out between the glad wrap and the seal (old lid seal)...
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    Low efficiency-should I sparge with more water?

    Maybe Re calculate your boil off rate. Adjust this in brewsmith. Also what as mongey said do you have your efficiency set to. I’m a biaber and have mine set to 65% which seems to hit the marks most times (looks like I might have look and tweak some stuff to get what mongey gets!).
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    2019 Hop Plantations

    Question for you experienced hop growers, I’ve got a couple of big pots with second year hops (poor harvest this year) and am wanting to plant them in the ground. When is a good time to do this, before or after winter? Would it be worth pull them out of the pots and chucking them in fridge for...
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    Black Hops Hornet Clone

    I emailed them a couple of years ago regarding their Beach house ale and they replied with their testing recipe (was based on a 60L size). Would be worth an email to them and asking for this one. Think I got their address off their web page
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    Back for another crack at it!!

    Welcome Brendan! I did the same thing and the best advice I got when starting back was temp control during ferment. If you can get an old fridge big enough to fit your fermenter and a controller to keep a constant temp (need a heat pad to raise temp as well). Was the best thing to improve taste...
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    3V RIMS system for sale. SE Melbs

    Would love to get this but can’t drive at the moment and live to far away to get someone to drive me.
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    Gas in Beer Line

    I’d say that your new (full one) keg has a little bit of air/gas in the pickup tube and once you connect it the air/gas goes to the highest point in the tubing. Not sure what you could do to prevent it, maybe pre prime the pick up
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    Early Hop Additions to AVOID

    The stone and wood pacific ale clone recipe does with galaxy. If you FWH the early bittering addition it’s meant to be not as harsh but still get the ibu’s you want. Seems to work for me (though a mate found it still a harsh, might have to reduce it a bit more)
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    Transferring to Keg. What am I doing wrong!!

    It’s way I’ve done it for about 20 brews and no problems (yet, touch wood). Simple and easy.
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    Hop Trellis - Wire vs Rope

    This year I’m using bailing twine
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    2019 Hop Plantations

    Thanks garage_life.
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    2019 Hop Plantations

    My cascade has decided to start popping some flowers (well I think they are) a bit early. Do I need to cut them off or is there something else I need to do? Or just leave them Location is Riddells Creek Victoria.