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    WTB a Boil kettle & HLT 95-110L

    Hi All, im looking to buy a BK & HLT as per title, I’m based in Perth
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    Wanted: Used Braumeister

    Hello mate I’m thinking of selling my Braumeister 50L, in perfect condition, also comes with small malt pipe, has a spring filter fitted, I’m also in Perth 6036, I’m thinking of building a 3V system to replace it, let me know if you want to come & look at it.
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    100L Internal Rims Mash Tun Perth

    Hello Hippy I’m waiting for you to reply to my message
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    Dedicated Braumeister Guide, Problems & Solution Thread $550.00 plus postage, pm on its way.
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    Dedicated Braumeister Guide, Problems & Solution Thread

    Ok let me know, not too fussed with wifi
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    Dedicated Braumeister Guide, Problems & Solution Thread

    I’m thinking of buying the new controller for my Bm50 want to sort out a trade?
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    50l Brau for sale Brisbane $2300

    that would be me, its on its way to Perth, BTW wide eyed sent you a PM
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    BIAB- gonna have a go , need gear

    What size is this pot & where did you get it from?
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    AG Brewery - Perth

    I’m on my phones &can’t seem to pm you, is this still available
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    Andale Floryte Taps x 4

    Hello I'm in need of two taps to fit in my keezer door? Will the taps you're selling be suitable for that? Will I need the cooler extensions? What are they for?
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    FS [Perth] 2x19 & 1x6L Chinese legs

    Hello I'd be interested in the small one, what's the pick up area?
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    Free fridges to a good home - Belmont WA

    Hello is the first fridge still available? could you tell me the dimensions so i can check it will fit in my allocated space?
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    wanted a fridge or freezer to make a kegerator

    Hello all, I'm looking for either a freezer or fridge to make into a kegerator, it needs to look ok as well as perform, it's going into the kitchen & my mrs won't like anything unsightly & I'm not wanting to put it in the garage, ideally an upright would fit into my allocated space, but in...
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    Wanted: 19l ball lock keg setup - Perth

    some for sale on gumtree he's in ballajra