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    I’m interested in the mill. Will send pm.
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    Keezer, Kegs, CO2 complete setup Brisbane

    Hi Mark. Will it fit more 19l kegs in or have to use the smaller 9l kegs? It looks tight with the compressor bump
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    Grain Mill wanted

    Hello All, I'm wanting a decent grain mill. Already got a corona mill, so something better. Brisbane area. Let me know if you've one to offload in SE Qld. Cheers.
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    Gold Coast Amateur Brewing Competition 2018

    Rapid results. You guys run a slick comp. thanks all involved.
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    Free bottle drying tree and bottles

    Got about 100 glass bottles of varying sizes. Mainly tallies. Will be taking to tip if no one wants.
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    Free bottle drying tree and bottles

    Will throw in some bottles. Not sure what bottles yet. Having a garage clear out. Logan area. Message for address.
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    FS 2 x Glass Carboys (23L)

    $30 each or $50 for both. Pickup Logan. Message for address.
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    Queensland Amateur Brewing Championships 2016

    Are the full results going to be posted somewhere?
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    1960s Twin Beer Pump Restoration - Gaskell & Chambers

    The Spangled Bull, now that's a blast from the past. As a kid I used to play football around the corner from the pub. How did you come across this setup? Looks like a good project to keep you busy.
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    All Australian Koala Scat Saison

    Munich dumpel
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    Pubs in Perth and Freo

    I visited the Monk earlier this year. The beers were pretty good, definitely worth the visit. Pizza good. And also got to watch a fight between 2 smack heads across the road which ended up with 1 of them pulling a knife out on the other..... Beer, food and entertainment - what more can you ask for?
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    Smokey Bishop

    Yeah, it's a great beer. Here's the recipe......
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    Murrays Brewery beers over carbonated.

    I had same problem with whale ale and angry man pale ale about 4 months ago. I've had both before, but on this occaision they were a struggle to drink. I emailed the brewery but heard nothing back.
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    February meeting 1/2/14

    haven't been able to brew for a while, but will have half a keg of brown ale to bring along.
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    Speaking of Fast or Slow or No Chilling

    Yes I totally agree. The water I use for chilling is then heated and gets me 1 load of laundry and cleans all the brewing equipment i've used. So it actually works out cheaper if you think about it because you are effectively using cold water for cleaning and laundry instead of hot.
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    Any brew clubs in Logan/Beenleigh area?

    Yeah I have thought about BABBs but probably a bit far to persuade the missus to pick me up after a few beers. Might re-think if there are no clubs around Beenleigh.
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    Any brew clubs in Logan/Beenleigh area?

    I'd be interested to know if there's a club around here too.
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    Mangrove Jack Craft Series Yeasts

    Mike's Homebrew in Beenleigh stocks them.