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    Fliptop Beer Bottles For Sale

    PM sent as well. Willing to come down today if still available
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    Keen To Brew, But Hot As Hell In Adelaide

    Hello all, its already too late for the Muntons i have in the barrell, but given the temps are so goddamn high in adelaide at the minute, should i be holding off on putting down a new batch? Or will they still be ok and as i like to think, some beer is better than no beer.... thoughts?
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    Embarassing Question Re Alc Content

    Hi its been a while since i have put a brew down and have a very stupid question. If i mix 1kg of coopers brew enhancer 1 into a tin and prime bottles as recommended, will it give me around 5%? The reason i ask is that it mentions it contains non fermentable sugars and the kit makes it about...