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  1. beerbog

    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    Ballast Point Big Eye. :icon_drool2:
  2. beerbog

    Sweet beer, low mash temp!

    US05 at 16 deg is pretty much on its lower end of the range. Maybe it stalled? Add some yeast nutrient during the boil to give it a bit of a kick and oxygenate/ thrash well. :beerbang:
  3. beerbog

    Hop Dealz Australia

    Yob, I see you have Target 450g, do you have any Challenger and Northdown too? Thanks. :D
  4. beerbog

    Target hops substitute.

    Truman, you've got all the hops for a big fat American Pale there! :icon_drool2:
  5. beerbog

    Cubes and storage

    Back on track guys, this isn't a slinging match about the pro's and cons of NC. Don't let this thread go down the way of so many others in the past! :beerbang:
  6. beerbog

    Hop Dealz Australia

    Hops delivered, nice and quick, thanks Yob! :D
  7. beerbog

    Hop Dealz Australia

    Thanks Yob, It originally said out of stock of US Cascade. All good now. Order placed. :beerbang:
  8. beerbog

    Hop Dealz Australia

    Yob, have you got any US Cascade? If not, when do you expect it in? Thanks. :icon_drool2:
  9. beerbog

    POLL: How long do you leave Yeast on the stirplate before surrendering

    24 - 48 hours, and the size of the starter depends on how old the yeast is to start. If very old, start small and slowly build up. If within date, I throw straight into either a 1 or 1.5L starter. Put it in the fridge until it all drops, decant, raise to room temp and pitch. :beerbang:
  10. beerbog

    Hop Dealz Australia

    Hey Yob, do you normally stock El Dorado? If so, when do expect the next batch to be in? Thanks. :icon_drool2:
  11. beerbog

    Taps v Pluto gun. Thoughts?

    Perlicks. No gum. :icon_drool2:
  12. beerbog

    Kegerator Help Pls!

    Cold keg + hot font = big head. Cool the font. There are some font coolers out there. :beerbang:
  13. beerbog


    1 Litre in a spray bottle, 1.5ml/litre. Works a treat on brew day - on cubes, also on fermenting day sanitising fermentor/tap/etc. :beerbang:
  14. beerbog

    Is brewing an addiction?

    Yes. :beerbang:
  15. beerbog


    You can't ruin Cascade. Do what you wish with it. Bitter, flavour or aroma. It's gold any way........... :icon_drool2:
  16. beerbog

    AG Hefe - suddenly my confidence wanes

    You're not wrong there, that's for sure.............. B)
  17. beerbog

    AG Hefe - suddenly my confidence wanes

    Try Wy 3068 @ 17 deg. A nice bananery flavour. :icon_drool2:
  18. beerbog

    FS: English ale/stout taps

    If you're pouring with nitro with a CO2 carb, don't carb the keg as normal, carb at a very low pressure. I do the roll technique with 200kpa CO2 for about 30 secs when the keg is cold. If you carb as per normal, you will have too much CO2 in solution and the nitro will have no affect. With a...