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  1. BoilerBoy

    Irish Red - The beer style that isn't a beer style

    My opinion for what its worth. The inclusion of roast barley is essential in obtaining not only the colour but the the balance of the beer. It's like when you firt sip it, the caramel and toffee flavours are imediately present and the sweetness almost feels like its going to throw the beer way...
  2. BoilerBoy

    2012 Hop Plantations

    You'll love it Batz! Tried a beer with it again at Dr S's place last weekend, sensational along with the rye. I've got it growing myself and hope to get enough for a at least one batch. Awesome aroma and flavour, you can't help but keep constantly sniffing the glass. Cheers, B.B
  3. BoilerBoy

    Wyeast 1084 ? ?

    Don't be worried about the lack of krausen during fermentation its just a typical behaviour of this yeast, happens everytime I have used it it. Nothing to worry about, I have often thought 1084 looks not dissimilar to a "Lager" fermentation. Cheers, BB
  4. BoilerBoy

    Chiller Idea

    This is similar to the method i have always used since starting ag some 7 years ago, only I freeze 1L & 2L blocks of ice (Typically 25-30L all up) I have a copper coil resting inside a plastic crate/tub of water I simply connect it to the kettle tap and the wort flows through the coil and out...
  5. BoilerBoy

    Millennium.... Wtf To Do With Them ?

    G'day Tony, Use Superpride as you would POR its similar only a bit better IMHO, don't be put off by the higher AA%. I just wish I could get my hands on a Superpride rhizome would love to use them as fresh flowers. Cheers, BB
  6. BoilerBoy

    Aussie Blue Ale

    Here's one I did a couple of years back and was well received by all who tried it. Australain Red Ale 40.1% Ale Malt 40.1% Vienna Malt 6.4% Cara Red 0.8% Cara Aroma 8.0% Wheat Malt 3.2% Flaked Barley 1.3% Roast Barley Superpride FWH 13.2 IBU Superpride 45 min 10.8 IBU N.Z...
  7. BoilerBoy

    Caramel Rye

    What's needed is some "TF Crystal Rye," used up my last lot in a Galaxy Rye pale for AABC club night but sadly its currently not available in this coumtry ATM. Never used Wey Caramel Rye, but visually they look different to TF Crystal Rye and from all reports they taste different as well. The...
  8. BoilerBoy

    Minimum Yeast Sediment.?

    As suggested above yeast health could have been the problem, remember you are reculturing yeast with some degree of questionable quality (bottle age and handling etc) so the amount of healthy yeast cells is an unknown quantity. Therefore you need a good size active starter that you know is up...
  9. BoilerBoy

    Grumpy's Belfast Gold Stout Recipe

    PM Brad mcm through that link Barls has given I'm sure He will be able to help you. Cheers, BB
  10. BoilerBoy

    Effects Of Filtering On Natural Carbonation

    This topic comes up regularly, carbing up with a 1 micron filter is not a problem it just takes longer. I have been bottling with this method your some years typically bottles take 4 weeks. Cheers, BB
  11. BoilerBoy

    Looking For Noble Hop Rhizomes

    Stef pm sent Cheers, BB
  12. BoilerBoy

    Help With Mongolian On Natural Gas

    I'd put all your jets back in and try it again. I'm no gas expert, but NG runs at a much lower pressure than LPG and you may have stuffed up the air/gas flow. cheers BB
  13. BoilerBoy

    Grain Of The Week - Rye

    Rye is awesome! First time I tried it there was that instant "wow" factor and I had to make one. That spicy flavour can make a beer spectacular! Got some in a pale ale at the moment at 20% with a heap of dark munich hopped with Super Pride and Galaxy. I'm sure Dr Smurto will jump in here at...
  14. BoilerBoy

    Do I Need To Cook Rolled Oats Before Mashing?

    Had the same issues with flaked/ quick oats consistently, it gives a smooth silky mouthfeel, but from reading comments from other brewers who have experienced similar its the high oil content in oats that appears to be the culprit, it pours nicely and the head immedietely dies. Its been a few...
  15. BoilerBoy

    Anzac Biscuit Beer Who's Got The Recipe ?

    This is one I did a couple of years back 3.5kg BB Ale Malt 1.0kg JW Dark Munich 500g wheat 100g Cara Aroma 200g Amber 300g Toasted oats 100g Pale Choc 450g tin C.S.R. Golden Syrup (Dark, not Lyles) Super pride 60min 18 IBU N.Z. Styrian Goldings 20min 5 IBU N.Z. Styrian Goldings...
  16. BoilerBoy

    My Spec Grain Has Weavils

    You maybe correct, I interpreted a "partial" as a " part mash" including the addition of spec malt. Cheers, BB
  17. BoilerBoy

    My Spec Grain Has Weavils

    I think you may be in strife here, better minds than mine will know, but back years ago when I use to get my grain cracked at the HBS I was told the enzyme viability in milled grain has a life of about 2 weeks. BB
  18. BoilerBoy

    2010 Hop Plantations

    Iv'e got 700g dried off my second year Chinook so far with more drying as I write and more to pick this week. I cant believe how much this plant puts out! :o With really good sized cones and noticable aroma as well. Cant wait to use them! cheers, BB
  19. BoilerBoy

    Disappointed With My Kolsch

    I almost always do a step mash using my esky. E.G If I was puting in a total of 15L mash water I would put in 9.5-10L of water for a 52-55C protein rest then add the remaining water at (boiling) to lift the temp to whatever mash temp in the 60"s I want. To lift it higher again for better...