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  1. Gibbo411

    Advice regarding expanding brewing setup

    I've went the DIY route and can say that its very satisfying to brew that way. However I have spent more overall than if I was to buy a Robobrew or Guten. So that's one thing to take into account as a long run view...
  2. Gibbo411

    What’s your bad brewing habit?

    +1 for this. My biggest problem is thinking my kids won't run a muck on brew days. Naughty kids = Angry Wife Angry Wife = Painful brew day
  3. Gibbo411

    Brewing books

    'How to Brew' by John Palmer is a standard
  4. Gibbo411

    Cacao Nibs - end of boil

    I've yet to use Cacao nibs (though on the to do list) but I have added raw organic Cacao powder at the end of the boil and get a lot of raw chocolate flavour, personally I think the end of boil would draw more flavour out. Also, if it's right at the end of the boil you wouldn't need to sanitize...
  5. Gibbo411

    Fermenting Under Pressure

    One of those plan ahead kind of things, by the time you're drinking a batch you've done 3-4 others since that you have to wait for. Figuratively speaking of course.
  6. Gibbo411

    Fermenting Under Pressure

    Agree, some people are just in a rush by nature sometimes. I for one just like to experiment, in saying that, apart from what I have already mentioned I have a Barleywine that I will not touch until Christmas time.
  7. Gibbo411

    Fermenting Under Pressure

    I have successfully brewed a lager @15psi (25c) in 5 days 2 days cold crash. What I'm getting mainly from this conversation is if it works for you... [emoji106]
  8. Gibbo411

    Fermenting Under Pressure

    What in the case where a spunding valve where the excess pressure is released?
  9. Gibbo411

    Fermenting Under Pressure

    See you'd think so, but so many people, myself included, have returned great outcomes (yeast type dependant) with this method.
  10. Gibbo411

    High gravity mashing and pre fermentation dilution

    Yes I believe there is a dilution tool
  11. Gibbo411

    Stout problems

    Hi mate, 1036 is still quite high to be bottling. Seems as though you only pitched the S-04 a day and a half ago I'd give the yeast a chance to establish itself over the others and see what happens. When using dry yeast it's recommended to rehydrate it a cup of water (I usually do it at room...
  12. Gibbo411

    Keg travel recommendation

    Firstly, good on ya mate for getting out there and taking the kegs with you. The jealousy is strong as I wrote this... Having never done this myself I can't say which would work, but I'd imagine with some serious beach driving it would create quite some turbulence in the kegs, depending on how...
  13. Gibbo411

    What are you brewing in 2017 ?

    Yeh the Aldi juice works great for making cider.
  14. Gibbo411

    Anti-boil for HERMS?

    I know the struggle, though I found cutting slits helped a lot.
  15. Gibbo411

    The Brauduino (Matho’s Controller) Build/Advice/Question Thread

    I'd just like to post my interest in a wifi model once they become available.
  16. Gibbo411

    Having a whinge at the price of beer

    May God have mercy on us all
  17. Gibbo411

    Starting up again.

    Welcome back mate, I started up again about 11 months ago after my son was born, I'm into full swing this time with a keg fridge (which my missus loves more than I do) a fermenting fridge and soon to roll into all grain. Easily the best hobby/lifestyle there is
  18. Gibbo411

    BIAB Electric element

    Sparky here, yes 2.5mm is the cable used mostly for 20A general power circuits. As specified above the conditions and total circuit length needs to be considered. GibboQLD is also correct that sparkies are conservative when installing new circuits. In your situation a 32A circuit on 4mm will...
  19. Gibbo411

    Sanitiser Use

    Good stuff, thanks for the feedback fellas. The Morgan's sanitizer rinse I have been using for a while doesn't go far especially now that I've started kegging so I'm in the market for something new, I'll be getting some of this right away before I do my next brew. Thanks again