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    Slow Start

    TL, and all, ended up getting another S23 yeast from the HBS. Put it in, still took 2 days to start bubbling. But all is good now, very healthy airlock activity. Just hope it tastes alright. Cheers for the suggestions.
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    Slow Start

    Hmmmm, still nothing after almost 3 days. Oh, the lid is darn tight. Now I am getting nervous. First lager I've made that is causing me a bit of grief. Any suggestions, another yeast???? I only put one yeast satchet in, and after reading a few other threads, I see others are putting 2 or 3...
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    Slow Start

    Interesting this thread! I put down the following on the weekend- Beermakers Dutch Lager 1kg DME 250gms Dextrose 15gms Hallateu hops Saflager yeast pitched at 20 degrees After 30 hours, still no airlock activity. Brew is sitting on 15 degrees at the moment. Should I be worried? How long...
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    Bulk Priming

    Hey all, got a question. Just bottled a double brew of Coopers Real Ale on the weekend, hence having to put sugar in approx 120 stubbies. Now, I can handle putting the sugar in, but if I were to bulk prime, how do I work out how much sugar to put in the brew, and what method do I need to use...
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    Difference Between Dextrose And Maltodextrin

    Good point Johnno, can anyone tell me if there is a great deal of difference using maltodextrin that derived from corn as to wheat??