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  1. choppadoo

    FS: 3 Vessel SS electric system, SS conical and parts. $500 ONO. Coffs Harbour NSW

    Full kit of stainless electric 3 vessel brewery, including stainless conical fermenter, March pump, hoses, fittings etc. Comes with camlock fittings. For sale in Karangi (Coffs Harbour area). $500 or nearest offer for the lot. Can break up and sell separately too. If you’re easy to deal with...
  2. choppadoo

    Adelaide Sale: It's All Gotta Go!

    I'll take the Harris reg, happy to pick up. PM sent Cheers
  3. choppadoo

    Keg Coupler Buy/swap- Adelaide

    Hi, I URGENTLY need an A-type coupler for a keg function tomorrow night. I would like to buy/swap within Adelaide. I have some spare D-type couplers (for CUB style kegs), and would swap two of these for an A-type with barbed fittings for home brew beer and gas line (please note my couplers have...
  4. choppadoo

    Co2 Cylinder 2.6 Kg Brand New In North Adelaide

    Edit- beaten to the punch while I procrastinated!
  5. choppadoo

    Co2 Cylinder 2.6 Kg Brand New In North Adelaide

    I'll take it. Can pick up later this week. Where can you get refills in Adelaide? Beerbelly? I'll PM you with some details. Cheers
  6. choppadoo

    Stainless Conical Fermentors

    This would be my ideal conical; - 50-60L - Basic design with options to add/mod for things like heating/cooling jackets, yeast harvester, rotating racking valve, etc. This would hopefully keep entry cost/price down a bit. - Threaded fittings. I don't use tri-clover anywhere else in my brewery so...
  7. choppadoo

    For Sale: All Grain Equipment - Adelaide

    Not too far from you by the looks- Clarence Park. PM me for details
  8. choppadoo

    For Sale: All Grain Equipment - Adelaide

    Bump. Drip tray with drainage tube is sold. Price of kettle reduced to $100 Urn reduced to $80 Bulkhead/manifold to $15 Cheers Brad
  9. choppadoo

    For Sale: All Grain Equipment - Adelaide

    Thanks reg, As stated above preference will go to local pickup first. Failing any local offers, you have dibs on that drip tray. Cheers
  10. choppadoo

    For Sale: All Grain Equipment - Adelaide

    And these, 2 X Large Stainless Steel drip trays. Dimensions 68 X 23 X 7cm. Removable inserts. One has a drainage tube at the back (as seen in 2nd pic). The other has a hole here instead. Good condition. $70 each. Cheers, Brad
  11. choppadoo

    For Sale: All Grain Equipment - Adelaide

    Hi everyone, I'm getting rid of some surplus gear. I'm moving to a double batch system and hence some of my single batch equipment is up for grabs. All in good nick and has served me well for the last few years. Would make a good startup kit Pickup prefered (from Clarence Park, SA). Will go to...
  12. choppadoo

    Let's Freeze Some Yeast

    I work in a molecular biology lab, and we regularly make glycerol stocks for long term storage. Usually for bacterial cultures, but the principle is the same for yeast. I have just started making glycerol stocks of wyeasts that I buy. We store in -80C freezers, basically the colder you get it...
  13. choppadoo

    Power Regulator For Electric Element At the bottom, the Variable Voltage Output SSR (TCSSRR2540 0hms 70 - 240VAC $62.00) works for me, although for a slightly different purpose. This unit mounted on an appropriate heatsink, will handle up to 40amp currents. For those in melbourne, their store is two doors down...
  14. choppadoo

    Fs: 20l Stainless Urn And 36l Stainless Pot/kettle

    Will take offers on the urn and kettle up until Friday. Best offer over $100 for each at that point will take it home. Will throw in a cube or fermenter as well. Cheers, Chops
  15. choppadoo

    Fs: 20l Stainless Urn And 36l Stainless Pot/kettle

    Hi all, I am moving interstate and looking to get rid of some of my brewing equipment. Only catch is I am leaving adelaide in the next week and would like to get rid of them by then, preferably by pickup. However I will post if the price is right. 1. Stainless steel urn, 20 litre capacity...
  16. choppadoo

    2008 Sa Xmas Case Swap - Tastings

    There is definitely something slightly odd about this beer, at a guess i would say a mild lactic infection. Someone with a better palate might have a better idea. I don't think it detracts from the beer, just adds another element. Didn't quite know what to call it as it is not really bitter...
  17. choppadoo

    2008 Sa Xmas Case Swap

    Just wondering if there are any designated drivers/better halves driving back towards the city saturday arvo/eve? If there is I would be very keen to get a little car-pooling going, I will happily pay for petrol and throw in some extra brews if anyone can hook me up with some transport to and...
  18. choppadoo

    Toasting My Own Malt

    I recently made an IPA with home-toasted malt. Base of marris otter, some crystal and about 20% toasted marris otter, late hopped with nelson sauvin. From memory i think i did something like 100C for an hour, then 120C for 45 mins. Came out something like a light munich i guess, it smelled...
  19. choppadoo

    Kevin Rudds Home Brewing Bonus

    Hi Mike, Sorry I offended you. The only reason i picked up on your post initially was that i thought it sounded a little expectant. Your right, i don't know anything about you or your circumstances (other than what you've posted). There are undoubtedly countless people recieving these bonuses...
  20. choppadoo

    Kevin Rudds Home Brewing Bonus

    sorry quantocks, obviously didn't make myself clear enough. was just trying to make the point that we all pay tax for things that we dont gain immediate benefits from, as in his three kids education will be in part subsidised by my taxes, which i have no problem with. if you read again, then you...