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  1. chalky

    Free grain mill - Dandenong area

    Hi, Edgar wins the free mill. Cheers, --Chalky
  2. chalky

    Free grain mill - Dandenong area

    Hi, Free grain mill for whoever can come and pick it up by Friday. I'm moving house and it's in the way. It's a 3 roller Monster Mill with extended hopper. --Chalky
  3. chalky

    Starter Kit or The Complete Joy of Homebrewing Kit

    Hi Jordanmk10, What does Charlie recommend you acquire in his book? I have been brewing for many years and have spent thousands on fancy equipment. But, I also have a coopers starter kit from Big W that does what you would expect - enable you to brew beer from cans of goop. Where are you...
  4. chalky

    FS: Fresh Wort Kit "New World Ale" + Free Yeast - Inner East M

    Hi, FWK & yeast $25. It's moving time and there is no chance of me fermenting this FWK before we leave. I purchased the FWK from Grain and Grape a few months ago. It has always been stored in a dark, cool cupboard. I'll throw in 2x 11g Lallemand BRY-97 'American West Coast" Ale yeast. The...
  5. chalky

    Free: Fermenting Fridge - Melbourne Inner East

    Hi GNU, External: 142cm high, 64cm wide Internal: 129cm high, 107cm high from top of step, 56cm wide --Chalky
  6. chalky

    Free: Fermenting Fridge - Melbourne Inner East

    As shown on the temperature controller, the fridge temperature is at 4.4 degrees C. Temperature controller and brew bucket not included!
  7. chalky

    Free: Fermenting Fridge - Melbourne Inner East

    Hi All, Free fermenting fridge - as long as you can take it off my hands by next weekend. It easily fits a 60L fermenter, and it doesn't have a freezer section to worry about. I'll take a picture soon. --Chalky
  8. chalky

    FS: Allgrain Equipment - Melbourne

    Hi BrutusB, I have replied to the PM. If you are happy with the location and can come pick up the goods sometime soon - it's sold to you.
  9. chalky

    FS: Allgrain Equipment - Melbourne

    I have joined the ranks of the braumeister crowd :D I figure the price will help somebody step up to all grain.
  10. chalky

    FS: Allgrain Equipment - Melbourne

    I'm selling some all grain equipment. The URN and pump work. $250 the lot. It probably cost over $1000, I would really prefer not to work it out :unsure: * 80L Aluminium saucepan, with lid, thermowell, 3 piece ball valve, beer belly weldless bulkhead, hose tail connector. IMG_4400.jpg...
  11. chalky


    I brewed kefir on cows milk for a while in a decor plastic container. Occasionally the lid would fall on, and seal, resulting in mildly carbonated & fermented milk. I would not recommend mildly carbonated milk, especially on your weetbix before work. :unsure:
  12. chalky

    Help choose our tap beer - Royal George Hotel

    My vote is for the temptress, on hand pump.
  13. chalky

    Salami 101

    After reading all 28 pages of this thread last Sunday, I got excited and have since purchased a mincer, a sausage filler and a pile of books. Thanks to all who have contributed :D I have already made 2 batches (totalling 8kg) of fresh sausage as sausage filling practice before Salami season...
  14. chalky

    My First Beersmith Design

    Are you using different hops for the 10min addition to the rest of the additions? Are you doing anything to your water chemistry? If you want to make a clone this really does make a difference to the end result. If near enough is good enough please disregard. I don't know much about the original...
  15. chalky

    Ballarat Graduate Certificate Of Brewing

    I agree, nobody except Alan bond thought they were going to get rich with a brewery.