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  1. 2much2spend

    RIMS housing and thermowell for sale KK

    Where are you located? Is this price firm?
  2. 2much2spend

    Infection Photo Thread

    Just wondering if I should leave it to drop out
  3. 2much2spend

    Infection Photo Thread

    What do we think? I used the yeast bay funktown pitched correct amount, fermented hot ( I couldn't help it) 25c Should I dump it or just keg it. Seems to be a pellicle rather than mold .
  4. 2much2spend

    Hop Torpedo

    I'm watching this topic
  5. 2much2spend

    2016 - what was your beer of the year

    Anything from almanac, all there Brett beers are amazing!
  6. 2much2spend

    Feral War Hog AG Clone

    Mmmm cluster!
  7. 2much2spend

    For Sale: Brewstand - Single Tier - VIC

    Where are you located? What was the size of you brew?
  8. 2much2spend

    Starsan going cloudy, acid eating plastic?

    usually means the water is hard. High mineral content
  9. 2much2spend

    Ebay, Gumtree and FB Marketplace

    Biab can still be done. The one I started at in vic was biab.
  10. 2much2spend

    Get into O2 guys, if you're serious about nicer beer

    yeah, I looked at some of the local one's and even they are really good kits, this suited my setup the best.
  11. 2much2spend

    Get into O2 guys, if you're serious about nicer beer

    Thought I would share pic's of my new toy! Planning a funky IPA next week I'll keep you all posted
  12. 2much2spend

    Mini Keg Bulk Buy MKIII

    Heads Bevan x1 Kingy x 1 mtb x 2 Luggy x 2 2much2spend x1 Pack of Bulbs Bevan x1 2much2spend x2 5L tanks Batz x 2 (spare tank) Luggy x 2
  13. 2much2spend

    Mini Keg Bulk Buy MKIII

    I'll go one head and a pack of bulbs. Thanks
  14. 2much2spend

    Beerbug _ clayton victoria

    Im interested. Show is a close up of the tee set up.
  15. 2much2spend

    Complete stainless steel setup

    Damm gotta be quick, in looking for a fridge like that.
  16. 2much2spend

    Immersion chiller has anyone used this

    I was just looking at the new byo mag and I seen this ad And has anyone used this type? it looks f#$%n nuts and with the dollar likely to drop (soon yah democracy) I was thinking of making it but I really like what they have done.