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    Inkbird Giveaway+ Worthy Whole Sales Price- ITH-20

    Yes please, would complement my collection of inkbird products nicely!
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    Smoked silverside

    Nothing wrong with that, and in fact i expect to do the same soon :) Thanks for sharing
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    Smoked silverside

    Looks great. Just bang it into Coke for 24 hours, bit of pepper/coriander etc? What temp and how long did you smoke it for?
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    WTB a Boil kettle & HLT 95-110L

    Check out Soga pots online. Available on Ebay etc, good value.
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    Giveaway of Inkbird temp controller ITC-308 WIFI and 20%OFF Sales

    Yes please - inkbird products are great!
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    New Aussie Brewer

    Temp control will likely make a world of difference, good move.
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    Beer conditioning question

    I have a Belgian dubbel that is a staple, it’s good as soon as kegged. Not to say that conditioning is not a good thing, but it’s also perhaps not a necessity. This one is about 6.5%, I think in general the higher the abv the more benefit to conditioning. Probably a gross generalisation?
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    Cleaning gear and water restrictions

    I think you really only need a little water. Brew day I put about 10l in a 20l pot, using the hot water from the heat exchanger for better cleaning. Soak hoses etc, pour some into pump and hex coil to soak for a bit. Rinse after. Tip a litre or two into mash and boil pots, scrubby to clean...
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    Anyone brewing Belgian beer ?

    Yeast wise I mostly use Mangrove Jacks Belgian Tripel M31. Nice yeast. You can use the Brewers Friend yeast calculator to work out how much you need. Assuming at this stage you won’t be growing starters, so just work out how many grams you need for your batch size and gravity. Ask here for...
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    Super Rats!

    Roban or Racumin reduce this - Talon and similar are bad for secondary kill
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    Throttling flow by means other than the ball valve

    Perhaps a little late, but to get small tubing on: 1. Grab some needle nose pliers 2. Put the end of your tube in hot water to soften it 3. Use the pliers to stretch the tube by inserting them closed into the end of the tube and opening to stretch to the required amount 4. Hot water the tube and...
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    What would you do

    Forgot about this thread, thanks for very interesting info. So, to take the technical level down a bit: Added sucrose to the fermenter to make up the gravity shortfall, turned out nice. Added about 2 days into ferment, was surprised by how much it had dropped. Think it was about 20 points.
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    What would you do

    Thanks Mark, great comments Water was a bit rushed last night - Additions to get Chimay target mineral profile. Appreciate that there is raising and lowering going on, but this seemed required to get the profile. I don’t tend to add acid to sparge, might need to look into this more. Re...
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    What would you do

    Hey all Contemplating correcting a low gravity for a brew done today. Brew is a 56 L batch of Dubbel/Tripel, with a target of 1.068 and an actual of 1.062. The recipe is basically a dark strong belgian, a little on the lighter ABV side. Target ABV is 8.6%, actual reading gives 6.9% assuming...
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    Stainless Steel Barrel Fermenter 42L

    You will get a lot of trub/protein/hops drop out from the boil, so boiling and fermenting in the same vessel is not a good idea. You want to draw off the wort from the boil pot into another vessel for fermenting. Or at least into a cube or something before back into the boil pot if you are...
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    Wobbly is right, but also keep in mind that they need to be calibrated each time before use. I think that the reason for this is that the temp of the actual refractometer influences the readings, so you ‘zero’ it with plain or distilled water before a brew so you get an accurate wort reading.
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    FS [Melb] Andale 15" 2 way Chrome Tee Bar fount and stainless steel driptray

    I think I see the issue. Couldn’t get the crossword started, ran out of smokes and didn’t have a beer, and to top it off, nothing good was in the magazine......that’s enough to set anyone off..,..
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    The effect of ramp/soak times on efficiency

    Yep, sure. Hysteresis might be the right word. I have auber so can definitely confirm. You should get a red light when the temp is outside the parameter, assuming it is set. Defo check the settings