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  1. Catweazle

    65L BIAB or 35L All In One?

    Good evening fellow brewers. So I have decided to take the step into all grain brewing. I have limited funds and would like some opinions from you learned mob. The way I see it I have 2 options looking through Kegland's catalogue. I'm after an easy solution as in I'm not really interested in...
  2. Catweazle

    Coopers European Lager Suggestions

    Hello fellow brewers. After a bit of advice on making a decent brew with the Coopers European lager tin. I recently made a lager with the Mexican cerveza kit and it came out quite well, very clean but a little lacking in flavour. For that one I used the CMC tin, BE2, 500g LDME, 25g Galaxy @ 8...
  3. Catweazle

    192 (8 cartons) 330ml brown glass bottles

    hey guys. Cleaning out the old mans house. Have 8 cartons of Beer Factory brand 330ml crown seal bottles. $60 ono. Pick up Greystanes, NSW.
  4. Catweazle

    To bottle or not to bottle?

    Thanks guys. I bit the bullet and bottled it after talking to the local shop. The hydrometer read 1012 two days in a row but when I checked tap water at 20 degrees it read 1004 so the brew was probably about 1008. Anyway it gave me an excuse to put down another brew. This time I’m giving the...
  5. Catweazle

    To bottle or not to bottle?

    Hi guys, new to brewing and the forum. I had a quick look around but couldn’t find a definitive answer. I put down my first ever batch on Monday and expected to be bottling after next Tuesday when I returned from work (I work away from home you see). The problem is my schedule has been mucked...
  6. Catweazle

    Hello from Mackay.

    Hello fellow members. My name is Stephen and I’m new to both brewing and the forum. I live in Mackay, Queensland having moved up here from Sydney 12 years ago. I have my first batch ready for bottling (I think) and am keen to get deeper into the hobby/past time/way of life. I have a complete...