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  1. alexbrand

    CraftBeerPI Brew Controller

    Great to hear that it is working now. Seems like some SSRs do not meet their own specs (input voltage). I am about to switch from my old brew controller to BrewPi, too.
  2. alexbrand

    CraftBeerPI Brew Controller

    Tumi2 does your SSR work with a different power source? A 9 volts block battery can be used to test the device.
  3. alexbrand

    German grain mill

    Meanwhile, this mill comes in different versions (generations). It's constructed and produced by home brewer and construction engineer Matthias Hoßfeld He has chosen as his only seller. Many germany brewing mates have one of his mills and I never ever heard anything...
  4. alexbrand

    Drawer rails for my mill

    I scored the rails at eBay here in Germany. They should be found as "extra duty drawer slides" or similar all over the globe. The blue bucket is a "Trofast" storage box from IKEA. The rest is some strong laminated plywood. Use thick wood to prevent torsion of the rails: the mill might fall off...
  5. alexbrand

    Drawer rails for my mill

    Yes, luckily it does.
  6. alexbrand

    Drawer rails for my mill

    Hi, after beeing away from the AHB forums for a log period I would like to share my latest gadget. I own an early Monster Mill (two roller version). Over the the years I often reassebled the housings, played with the drives, tried to build a hopper and I became more and more satisfied over the...
  7. Mill Drawer 3

    Mill Drawer 3

  8. Mill Drawer 4

    Mill Drawer 4

  9. Mill Drawer 2

    Mill Drawer 2

  10. Drawer for my mill

    Drawer for my mill

  11. Mill Drawer 1

    Mill Drawer 1

  12. alexbrand

    Comment by 'alexbrand' in media 'Italian Burner'

    Wow... I'm impressed. How comes?
  13. alexbrand

    How Old Are You? How Long Have You Been Hbing?

    Age: 34 Making beer: 5 Cheers Alex
  14. alexbrand

    Brewing Software For Automation Freaks

    Hey, the autor is updating the software from time to time. At the moment it's version 4.3 out. I'm not using it anymore.... but some years back I helped Thomas to develop and test the software... Cheers, Alex Download source: Brauanlagensoftware Download. To get the file just click on...
  15. alexbrand

    Fementer In Fridge.

    Vibrations while opening the door or walking towards the fridge? You can simulate that: put an open bottle of beer into an ultrasonic bath. But use a remote switch... ;) Cheers, Alex
  16. alexbrand

    Electronic Bung Valve

    Hey Screwtop, I start fermentig at atmospheric pressure (air lock). An then, denpending on the syle or fermentation temperaturen, whenn the air lock start bubbeling slower and slower, I transfer the young beer into my kegs. Fermentation ist still in progress - so the pressure rises and is...
  17. alexbrand

    Electronic Bung Valve

    Sure. For natural carbonating. Forced carbonation is almost unknown over here... ;) Cheers, Alex
  18. alexbrand

    Electronic Bung Valve

    Exactly. No need to calculate FG os anything. Just put the beer into a keg for secondary fermentation (under pressure). It helps to get exactly the CO2 content you want. It is at least here in Europe a very common method used in almost all breweries. Alex
  19. alexbrand

    Electronic Bung Valve

    Zwickel, that looks great. I guess it does the same job, eh? ;) Regards, Alex
  20. alexbrand

    Electronic Bung Valve

    Jayse, what do you mean, vacumm release? I don't see the need for that when spunding beer. Alex PS: That's the sensor: PN3024