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  1. mudsta

    Malt For Sale (SA)

    Hi all, I currently have the following specialty malts for sale: SIMPSONS Imperial Malt 24.21kg SIMPSONS Crystal Medium Malt 24.21kg SIMPSONS Chocolate Malt 24.61kg WEYERMANN Melanoidin Malt 24.21kg All in excellent condition, asking $110 inc GST. Selling as whole...
  2. mudsta

    South Australian Beer Drinking Trends

    Statewide there are a stack of country pubs in rural and outback S.A. that ONLY sell WE Draught and VB. That is one of the reasons why they sell more than the competitor. Speaking from a regional point of view. Over the last two years Coopers has taken more than 50% of the Yorke Peninsula beer...
  3. mudsta

    Show Me You Counter Pressure Bottle Fillers

    Zwickel, Hopefully that pic works better for you. I am using a pressure switch to automatically trigger the valve once the bottle has been capped, if you just limit the system pressure only, you will need to manually switch the valve or set up a limit switch on the ram. Another reason I want...
  4. mudsta

    Show Me You Counter Pressure Bottle Fillers

    Zwickel, Below is my original pneumatic circuit. I swapped the push button part of the circuit and pressure switch output signal to electronic as that was the parts I dug up second hand. I have only hooked up the whole circuit quickly and tested it in a '20 second job' timber frame. I will...
  5. mudsta

    Show Me You Counter Pressure Bottle Fillers

    Zwickel, That is a sweet filler and sweeter melons on the brew wench! With regard to you adding a bottle capper I am nearly finished building a semi-auto one myself. I have a pneumatic & electronic circuit incorporating a pressure switch. Because I have a pressure switch as the limit i can use...
  6. mudsta

    New Beer And Brewer Mag

    Kirko, Thanks for running the Yorke Brewing story in the end (Page 14), every little bit of publicity helps! :) Ross, Great story and pics mate! Its great to see a dedicated brewer and AHB regular like your self get good coverage! I love the mag and cant wait for every issue! Keep up the...
  7. mudsta

    2007 Hop Plantations

    Wally, How well do they grow in the following season? I guess what I mean is - how long does it take for the plant to build up a decent rhizome? And get any yield? Any help would be great. Mudsta :beerbang:
  8. mudsta

    2007 Hop Plantations

    Sweet!!! You guys have just made my day! :D I thought that only new plants should be grown from taking cuttings off the rhizomes thick roots. Reading the posts saying I can strike new plants from the main bines side shoots is fantastic! Now it will take no time to increase my total amount of...
  9. mudsta

    2007 Hop Plantations

    Kabooby, I think I will leave all the side shoots on the main bines. To stop them getting mixed up or tangled I will train them onto the same string with the host bine. That should keep the little buggers under control! Mudsta :beerbang:
  10. mudsta

    2007 Hop Plantations

    Well as a first time hop grower I'm pretty happy with my hops so far. They have been in just on two months and are growing crazy!! See attached pics of my hop yard. Poles are 4.5m high off the ground, with two wires strung between the tops of each pole. I have a total of 84 strings (6 for each...
  11. mudsta

    Anawbs 2007 Results

    Srewtop, That is extremely well said mate!! Certainly an excellent attitude to have toward judging and competing alike. :D For those of you interested about behind the scenes, I have just posted an article on the ANAWBS beer judging on my web site. Check it out here :excl: Affiliated - I...
  12. mudsta

    Anawbs 2007 Results

    I would just like to say a hearty congrats to all place getters in this years ANAWBS, and a special mention must go to John Kennedy from QLD for taking out Most Successful Brewer! Well done to all!! :beer: I was lucky enough to be on the judging panel this year and got to judge Johns wheat...
  13. mudsta

    Sa Micros On Show!

    Im aiming to get to both the ANAWBS presentation day and the SAMBA tent at Tasting Australia. (At this stage I will be supplying some of this seasons (Yorkes grown) wheat and barley plants for decorating the SAMBA stand) Sholud be a yet another great weekend! Mudsta :beerbang:
  14. mudsta

    New, South Oz Micro

    Dr Smurto, I grew up on a farm a few km's out of Pt Turton, these days it's a shacky's paradise. The jetty rarely holds too many decent fish, if you have a boat their are plenty to be had. If thats no good try the charter link on my web site, herb will always come back with the monsters!! A...
  15. mudsta

    New, South Oz Micro

    Thanks for the plug Ross! I'm a man of many words but cant really say much to that mate. :rolleyes: I must say that I do take my hat off to your brewing habits. I think that the amount and styles of brews you manage to put on, Yorke Brewing may have to do a ross recipe with you in the...
  16. mudsta

    New, South Oz Micro

    Malt Addict, (Great name! :super: ) Great to hear you checked out the website and thanks for the compliments, greatly appreciated. I think if you are starting a new business these days it is paramount to the longevity of your business to have some focus on an environmentally freindly...
  17. mudsta

    New, South Oz Micro

    Spog, As I'm always happy to help anybody looking for info on Yorke Brewing, please feel free to contact me via AHB or via the email address link on our web site home page. FYI: For those who would like to see the article spog mentioned please click here. (Posted 10min's ago) (Would normally...
  18. mudsta

    Kettle Evaporation Rate

    The main reason for a massive boil off rate (i.e. heat input) is to clone the malliard reaction. Which trys to clone decoction mashing to a degree. Bluntly, more browing of the sugars. See the master George Fix's books for this info. The more water used in mashing just dilutes the end product...
  19. mudsta

    Sanitizing Kegs

    Sanders, Proxitane is a commercial grade use product, especially for brewers and those in the milk game. Try Campbells Clean Tech, I believe they have outlets in all citys, could be wrong. (S.A. is ok) Mudsta :beerbang:
  20. mudsta

    Brewing Water Chemistry

    razz, I swear by rainwater as it is the best thing you will get to distilled for mineral content. (the big boys use mains water with Reverse Osmosis treatment) which makes it the same as distilled. Believe me their aint no pristine virginal stream running past them. <_< When it comes to...