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  1. Anthony.R.M

    Apple Juice Concentrate

    I haven't tried it yet as i've moved it to a secondary but the recipe called for about 5 of these bottles.
  2. Anthony.R.M


    Thanks for all the tips fellas. If I'm going to use a cube as a secondary for cider, would I need an airlock?
  3. Anthony.R.M

    Apple Juice Concentrate

    250mil glass bottle actually. Brand name is Pure Harvest. I think it cost me $3.30 a bottle...
  4. Anthony.R.M

    Apple Juice Concentrate

    Don't give up. I reckon it took me 20 sites over 2 weeks to find it.
  5. Anthony.R.M

    Apple Juice Concentrate

    Yeah it's for Upstate Mike's recipe. Today is Day #14 so I'll be checking the gravity and putting in part two of the recipe. With so many positive comments, I can't wait to drink this one.
  6. Anthony.R.M

    Apple Juice Concentrate

    I'm not sure if any of you have needed apple juice concentrate for a receipe or for something else, however; after looking through many many supermarkets, health food stores, international grocery stores etc... I found it in Coles in their health food section. I'm looking forward to using it...
  7. Anthony.R.M

    How to get started in Cider. The definitive(ish) guide to beginner&#39

    Cheers. My local farmers market had royal gala's on sale for $1/kg. I've juiced them and made up a batch ove the weekend along with some pear juice. I'm interested to see how it turns out.
  8. Anthony.R.M

    How to get started in Cider. The definitive(ish) guide to beginner&#39

    Thanks for creating this guide. It really has sped up my confidence to move away from packs. My Cider #3 used store bought juice and Cider #4 used 23ltrs of freshly juiced apples. Any chances of throwing up some of your recipies Dave?
  9. Anthony.R.M

    Beersmith app, worth it?

    I'm still learning how to use it but it's worth thr few dollars
  10. Anthony.R.M

    What are you listening to

    I've been revisiting Rage Against The Machine today.
  11. Anthony.R.M

    Hello from Heathcote

    Another local over the bridge. Welcome
  12. Anthony.R.M

    Beer Labels And Logos

    This is where i'm currently at with a logo... and hints on how to get them actually made into labels (without trawling through 80+ pages of this thread) ?
  13. Anthony.R.M

    Cider Noob From Sutherland

    Happy to share notes with you as long as you have a passport to get into The Shire... I don't know how I got in so i'm reserved about leaving and not getting back in again. How are you going with your GB? That was going to be something that i wanted to get into but i'm loving cider too much...
  14. Anthony.R.M

    What Are You Reading?

    Mark Bouris- What It Takes
  15. Anthony.R.M

    Feedback for 'Non Beer' brewing forum

    Personally, I do spend some time trawling through this thread looking for Cider related posts. Sub-foruming may improve discussion and user experience. A few additional cider recipes wouldn't hurt either. That's my 2c.
  16. Anthony.R.M

    cider press

    ...and the million dollar question is, have you pressed any apples yet and what were the results?
  17. Anthony.R.M

    Cider Noob From Sutherland

    Hi After picking up a home brew steal off eBay and reading this forum for about a month, I thought it was time to get involved. The level of expertise here is remarkable. I've decided to 'specialise' in cider and I currently have three ciders fermenting at the moment; 1: Brigalow Apple Cider...
  18. Anthony.R.M

    Trying to get buddies into brewing need help with cheap fermenters

    I know it's been previously mentioned but eBay is the place to be. I grabbed a steal with everything i needed including three fementors for under $100. There are heaps listed everyday from people who never started or just don't have time anymore.
  19. Anthony.R.M

    Crap Cider

    Dave: those insights were incredible. Thank you for sharing them...
  20. Anthony.R.M

    Mangrove Jack Pear Cider

    Thanks mate. I'm sticking to the kit for my first two brews but reading everyone's great ideas on the forum is inspiring me to be a bit creative.