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  1. BrewersFriend

    Returning to In-person Homebrew Competitions.

    We're always working to bring you the latest information on homebrewing, via our Homebrewing as a Hobby series. This week we discuss the first return (finally) of in-person homebrew competitions. Check it out now!
  2. BrewersFriend

    Biggest Discount of the Year at Brewer’s Friend!

    It’s Sunday morning in the US, so you still have time to take advantage of our biggest sale! Just pop into Brewer's Friend - Homebrew Beer Recipes, Calculators, and Forum and act now and enjoy the best deal on brewing software around.
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    See What's New (and What's Upcoming!) at Brewer's Friend. New Apps and More!

    We've been working hard on continuing to bring you the best brewing software around, and we wanted to give HBT members a sneak peak of what's upcoming. Brand New Updated Mobile Apps Android & iOS! We all love apps for on-the-go brewing, shopping, and sharing. We're hoping for internal alpha...
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    Brewer's Friend Cyber Monday - 20% Off!

    Today's your last day to take 20% OFF! We're offering 20% off your Brewer's Friend Premium Membership for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Simply click Upgrade Now and enter the code BREWFRIDAY. The offer expires today!
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    Brewtoad Users- Act now to save your recipes!

    Brewtoad announced it was shutting down 12/31/18. However, it still seems to be available at times . Export your recipes NOW to save them. Then simply import them into Brewer's Friend to save them permanently on the cloud, with no loss of your precious recipes. We can also import Beersmith...
  6. BrewersFriend

    Importing Recipes from Beersmith (and Brewtoad!) to Brewer's Friend

    We just posted a quick and easy tutorial for those who need a way to quickly migrate their recipes from Beersmith or the soon-to-be-defunct Brewtoad. The screenshots show Beersmith specifically, but you can import ANY *.xml files as well. Beersmith files are *.bsmx format, while Brewtoad uses...
  7. BrewersFriend

    Give the Gift of Homebrew

    Wondering what to get for that special homebrewer? Or maybe you're the special homebrewer? A gift of a one year membership to Brewer's Friend is always appreciated! It's a gift that will be appreciated all year!
  8. BrewersFriend

    Brewer's Friend Black Friday Huge Discount!

    The code is held over for Cyber Monday. It WILL expire today, so if you've been thinking about it, now is the time to sign up. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have. Cheers!
  9. BrewersFriend

    Brewer's Friend Black Friday Huge Discount!

    Yes, Saturday in Australia. But Friday in the US- and it still works even today. :)
  10. BrewersFriend

    Brewer's Friend Black Friday Huge Discount!

    Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, and tell your spouse. The best brewing software on the planet, Brewer's Friend, is available for our Black Friday sale at an unbelievable 20% off! Sign up for premium membership on our website and use the code and enjoy the savings...
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    BIG news for Brewer's Friend- AND a discount!

    Tilt and other electronic hydrometers are now supported! And to make it even better, use coupon code TILT10 to take 10% off of a Premium Membership! We now have DIY support for both Tilt and iSpindel and any custom app / device you want to use. Integrations Cloud URL to copy and...
  12. BrewersFriend

    Brewer's Friend Premium Membership Giveaway

    We at Brewer's Friend have been busy rolling out features in the last several months like editable brew steps, better recipe integration with pH predictions, brew session event log for pH, auto-save and many more. We currently have beta testers (and are looking for more, PM me if interested)...
  13. BrewersFriend

    Bloggers! Affiliate Program

    We just launched a new affiliate program at Brewer's Friend. It's ran through one of the most popular affiliate networks and pays 30% commission on a three month cookie. Turn any link into an affiliate link once you sign-up...