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  1. J

    Whitbread Yeast

    hi all I recently purchased 1099 whitbread and am wanting to do an american pale as i have heaps of US hops to burn. My question is will the whitbread be suitable with US hops and what can i expect from this yeast? Cheers all
  2. J

    Users Of The "no Chiller Method"

    Racked the APA today and gravity read 1.008 from 1.052 no off flavours at all just a little green @the moment but it did have 170g of hops in it. Cant wait for the end result but i have done 3 other "no chiller" brews since the APA and also convinced two mates to give it a go . Cheers
  3. J

    Users Of The "no Chiller Method"

    Hi. Tried my first "no-chill" today its an APA lookin forward to drinking the results. If it's a success then there is no way im goin back to chillin the wort it saved so much time and water, fingers crossed.... Will definatly post results... Cheers..
  4. J

    Wheat Yeast Question - Banana Wanted!

    Hi I would start fermention low say 16c,17 and let it rise up to 22,23 over a couple of days and hold it there till fermentation is complete. You should get a good balance of flavours with more banana,but higher temps will result in more banana just dont let it start high cause you'll get to...
  5. J

    Cloudy Wit

    Hello Just thought while doc was showin us his wit i thought id show mine. Love this style this is my third attempt at a wit always gotta have one on tap
  6. J

    Help Urgent! Yeast Problem

    I recently had 3068 hefe strain smell like canned corn and thought id risk it and give it a go BIG mistake the fermenting had stalled and the beer was left tasting off :blink: tossed the lot choice is yours if your feeling lucky
  7. J

    Awful Taste From Dry Hopping

    hi fellow brewers I recently brewed a simple APA featuring cascades dry hopped with 15 grams its been 1 week since i racked of the dry hops the beer is carbed(in keg) and it has a real grassy raw hop taste and aroma, nothing like cascade hops absolultely unbearable :angry: I read a post...
  8. J

    Safale So4

    I agree with timmy this yeast needs time to mellow, a month in secondary helps smooth out the flavours, at ambient temp. It takes to long if its in the fridge cold conditioning I have a bitter at 4.2% in the fridge and its been over a month and its still to rough to drink As for carbing your...
  9. J

    Chimay Trippel

    hi all i am desperately seeking a (honest) clone for this brew i have searched and found links that all have their version of it but i wanna know if any AHB's have had success at cloning this awesome beer. cheers :beer:
  10. J

    Horizon Hopped Ale A Success

    hi all recently made a pale ale or (golden ale if you will) with all horizons @ 60, 45, 30 ,15FWH and flameout primaried for 7 days, has been in bottle for 4 days and could not resist tonight, so cracked one open.... great cirtus aroma i found it really orangey, flavour wise its got a huge...
  11. J

    Strong Belgians And Carbonation

    hi all I recently made a strong dark belgian @ 1.082 that i had primaried for 2 weeks and bottled (dont have the right size fermentor for secondary yet) FG was 1.014 ,carbed with a little over 5 oz of dextrose and its just doesnt have the right carbonation,i know from reading certain...
  12. J

    Horizon's What To Expect

    hi all Recently made a sparkling ale with horizon hops at 60,45,30,15(fwh) and flameout just curious to know if anyone has used large amount of this hop and what did you get from it flavour and aroma wise cheers :beer:
  13. J

    When Do You Know Its Bad (yeast)

    hi all Ok so im building up my starter (essex ale) i started with one pint and left it for 2 days, it had finished fermenting so i decanted that wort and threw in 1 litre of starter wort upon doing that i took a big wiifff of the yeast and it had a really intense wine like smell almost vinegar...
  14. J

    White Labs Essex Ale

    yeah the first 3 days of fermentation was full on and just when i thought it stopped it would keep filling up the air lock in reply to jayse i was quite sure my yeast was quite healthy as it started fementing 5 to 6 hours after pitching maybe its just slow
  15. J

    White Labs Essex Ale

    this was my grain bill 3.7 pale 0.45 munich 0.22 amber 0.5oz roasted barley mashed at 64c
  16. J

    White Labs Essex Ale

    hi all i recently brewed an english pale ale at a gravity of 1.054 and have fermented with the essex yeast at a constant 19c and after 6 days it has only dropped to 1.019 is this normal for this yeast (made a 2pint starter) any help would be appreciated cheers
  17. J

    First Wheat Recipe

    i would probably cut out the torrefied wheat as its not really used or any adjunct for that matter in german brews. just my 2c
  18. J

    Batch Sparging And Efficiency

    i have only done 3 all grain batches and have batched sparged each time the 1st was 80%(weyermanns malt) the 2nd was 78% (powells malt with 30%unmalted wheat) and thirdly was 83%eff(powells) i really like the ease of batch sparging, i stirred the grains up alot when i would start my sparge and...
  19. J

    Paulaner Heffe-wiezen

    how was your efficiency with both those brews