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    What happened to Wide Eyed And Legless?

    At the risk of letting the truth get in the way of your rambling, longwinded, and not particularly interesting story, you didn't get booted for being a KL employee - you got booted because you were sent a message asking if you were a KL employee and didn't reply. Maybe your IT expert can show...
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    Fully Automated Brewing System Design

    Is this working yet?
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    Mash Tonight...brew Tomorrow Night

    24 hour boil? It may end up being a small batch. I've boiled for about 6 hours due to falling asleep on the couch. I just filled the kettle up with water & boiled for another hour with hops. Then I went to a case swap & fell asleep on the floor.
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    New Beer Bar - Bitter Suite

    Does anyone know what's on tap/in bottles at the moment? I'm visiting my sister & brother out law at the moment & I've been led to believe that bitter suite & the scratch are the best 2 beer venues up this way. I'm hoping to get to both but I'm not sure how I'll go with that.
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    AHB Articles: 2011 Close-enough-to-get-to-Adelaide spring case swap

    I got an SMS from my old man this morning saying that he's in town this weekend so I'm looking like an unlikely attendee as well as a non swapper. I've got Kieren's beers so will probably see if Ed can take them.
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    Whats The Best Stout Or Porter In Oz?

    I love Ace of Spades, we named one of our dogs after it. Choc hops from Mildura is spectacular although it's pretty hard to find.
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    Beer Made From Beer

    & keep going with the batch size getting smaller & smaller until there's nothing left.
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    Beer Made From Beer

    I'll fill a couple of stubbies & bring them along, they won't be carbed but I'm not sure it'll make much of a difference. It's quite possible that there was alcohol left over from the previous batch. I would've thought it would boil off but Smurto seems to think it may not. He knows more about...
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    Beer Made From Beer

    From memory it started at 1.080 & last time I checked it was at 1.045 so it did convert in the mash & ferment. I was expecting it to go lower than 1.045 though.
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    Beer Made From Beer

    Or I'm that lazy that it's still in the fermenter waiting to be tipped on the lawn. I could keg it & take it to AABC & the case swap if anyone wants to try it but the hydrometer samples have been less than promising.
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    Beer Made From Beer

    It's still in the fermenter. It was still at 1.045 last time I checked, I've got no idea why it would've stopped that high. I was planning on bottling this but if it's not going to get lower than this then it'll go in a keg. I should really rack it but I haven't had much spare time recently...
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    Perth Cbd Pubs

    It's not in the CBD but I'd recommend Feral. There's nothing wrong with little creatures but you can get it anywhere.
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    AHB Wiki: Dry Hopping

    I don't reckon there's any harm using a bag as long as it's boiled. If not using it was likely to get me in trouble I'd use it. Definitely use it if you use flowers at some stage unless you want to siphon into bottles. Speaking from personal experience it's no fun.
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    Help Please, What Syle Is My Brew?

    Most of my beers are made up on brewday style. That's what yours looks like to me. The style guidelines are for judging comps, there's no reason that a beer you brew just to drink has to fit into a style.
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    Syphon Recirculating.. Possible?

    I've heard a worse idea. A brewer who I won't name wanted to have a hose going from the tap to the top of his tun to recirculate. I don't have the best understanding of physics but that one had obvious flaws. I assume smaller batches are out of the question. With the money you'd save on grain &...
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    Just Tasted My First All Grain

    I won't be mentioning that comparison to my wife. She'll start asking why it takes me longer than a minute to brew. Brewing definitely gets quicker after a few batches. I got home from work at 8 on Friday night. I had 35L of stout in cubes & was cleaned up at 12:06.
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    All Taste The Same.

    I gave up 3 times. Mainly due to terrible results due to getting advice from brewcraft.
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    Advice On A Pale Ale Recipe

    Nige at brew Adelaide has moteuka on special I believe. You may not get free delivery but I reckon he could get them to you.
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    Beer Spoiling In A Keg?

    Brewboys add sugar to the fermenter & bulk prime kegs. I've got no idea if that's industry standard. Back on topic, as pointed out earlier, the keg may not seal but a bit of sugar would still fill the headspace with co2 & push out the oxygen. I had to rack a beer on Sunday which I don't...