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    Gas leak and kegging help needed

    Get decent connects the price for better ones is a great investment over the cheap ones.
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    Extract Brewers

    Interesting :)
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    Full keg

    Ok than yeh kegs have good seal I will give it a good an charge it an keep it cold trial an error see how it goes charged an put to the side. Thanks peoples any more thoughts keep them coming :)
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    Full keg

    Haha yeh don't think it will sit for long cheers guys might have to split the second charge line than as one line runs 2 taps the other for charging.
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    First time brewer

    Drink it...... :)
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    Full keg

    Hello everyone just a question on having a full keg cold an charged in a keezer... THO it's a surplus stock build up do I leave it charged at say 300kpa or do I burp it down an than leave it till I need it hooked up to a tap..?
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    I broke my last Headmaster

    1.39 each may I ask where that was bought from..? between me an others headmaster seems to be the ones that smash not the plain jane glasses :(
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    Stalled or done...?

    Thanks for that.. great Um the yeast well on the shelf I dnt no that's just how I get it from the shop never comes from a fridge that's all I no
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    Stalled or done...?

    Hello all I have a question regarding my ferment I'm doin a black rock IPA can lme an using us-05 yeast shelf stuff not refrigerated if that helps something I ain't tried before and past 3-4 days has not moved from 1012 reading it's been down for almost 2 weeks I did have a cold night were the...
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    About to do my first chilled ferment

    24hrs in the fridge at 300kpa than ya all set..! Drink away.! :)
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    Advice needed re CO2 regulator

    Yep washer could be either depending which one fits the whole.. They are a replaceable part as they squash up tight an say bottle empty an change over u may wanna replace it from time to time. Hope that helps..!
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    BJCP course?

    Sorry prob a noob question but what's this all about course etc..? Just reading previous posts an im not understanding what this course is wit abbreviations etc ? Sorry to ask prob a silly question.
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    Bottling Time

    When I use to bottle It was always 3 weeks before opening 2 weeks just didn't seem enough tho 3 was good so more won't hurt tho I did notice when I made brews wit the dry enzyme in them they really did have a good crack pssssst to the crown seal I think it was only cos of the enzyme tho an was...
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    One yeast sachet or two?

    Oh right wow thankyou that's interesting is that also why alot more is provided eg in us-05 that in the kit itself to accommodate that.? First brew is down now black rock Ipa etc etc wit the us-o5 trying to see what diff yeast really does. If its worth it dnt mind spending more on yeast an scrap...
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    One yeast sachet or two?

    Just a noob question but what's the difference if in the fridge or not my lastest one I bought wasn't..? Was on the shelf. Also first time I'm using it normally just use the kit supply packets but changing it up don't no of there will be a difference. Thanks for info.!
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    Kegging Setups

    Very nice looks the goods... makes me want more taps now :)
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    My First Brew Attempt

    That's what I find works really well for me. That's just my opinion.
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    My First Brew Attempt

    After the process of fermentation has stopped than racking if that's what u wanna do adding the small amount of dex creates a whole new cycle of pushing sediment down for next few days.. An that's if u wanna rack etc if not just bottle or keg your call.! But if u wanna keg just takes the clarity...
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    My First Brew Attempt

    What would u like the be enlightened about..?
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    My First Brew Attempt

    Yep dexs is dextrose.. Get yaself a spare bag for times like these :)