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  1. mccuaigm

    Brewing gear for sale Brisbane

    did you end up selling this stuff?
  2. mccuaigm

    FS chest freezer & fridge

    No interest eh, the pictures are so awesome too.... Anyway, here are a few more, I'm moving house this week & keen to move them before I go if possible. Will consider delivering if close to Oxenford on the Gold Coast Area. Both are in good working order, I have another keg fridge & wont need...
  3. mccuaigm

    FS chest freezer & fridge

    Hey guys, moving house soon & getting rid of an older keg fridge & chest freezer. Both working fine will attach photos soon. Am in cairns at the moment only on mobile, sorry for the crap pictures can get more tomorrow if needed $120 for both Cheers Goldy
  4. mccuaigm

    Qld Xmas 2012 Case Swap..Venue Changed

    Sorry for the late reply guys, have been away a fair bit lately & struggling to keep up with things. I have to bail on this one, no way I can make it work & stay married it seems Have a great one
  5. mccuaigm

    Anyone Imported Shipping Containers?

    Hey Sera, All I know is that if you are buying from China, it's a weird experience. Talking to a mate of mine recently who imports Balinese stuff & decided to go to China for a whole bunch of stuff too, you need a translator/agent to buy from them & they mostly do orders of epic quantities...
  6. mccuaigm

    Gold Coast Home Brewers Unite!

    Hey Damo, I watched that beer invention show you were on last night, fuckin awesome work mate
  7. mccuaigm

    Fox And Hounds Inn Mt. Tamborine Qld

    The original guy had a lot better range when he built it, this is the second owner now I think. Will be interesting to see how it turns out
  8. mccuaigm

    Gold Coast Home Brewers Unite!

    Hey Damien, I'm out for tomorrow night, have a work do that I have to attend & staying up in Brissy. Sorry for the late notice, can't get out of this one
  9. mccuaigm

    Ahb Merch.. Again.. Simple Really!

    Can you use the blog area on this site maybe
  10. mccuaigm

    Brisbane Spring Pub Crawl

    Yeah, might go the SSAE option to be safe. I love when we go to the German Club for a few at work & see yours & Pete's stickers near the bistro, my workmates don't really get it though
  11. mccuaigm

    Brisbane Spring Pub Crawl

    I need some new Batz stickers.... Shame I can't make it to get some off you mate. Unless you can leave some somewhere for me, our office is in Woolloongabba not sure if we can work something there Sounds like a cracker too guys, anyone wants to come help me packing to move house instead is...
  12. mccuaigm

    Gold Coast Home Brewers Unite!

    Ok, so who's good to make a logo for us :blink: Good to see some momentum, nice work Damien
  13. mccuaigm

    Gold Coast Home Brewers Unite!

    Unfortunately Damien, nothing ever gets off the ground here for some reason or another
  14. mccuaigm

    Qld Xmas 2012 Case Swap..Venue Changed

    Swapping: 1. Batz 2. Florian 3. AndrewQld 4. _WALLACE_ 5. Bradsbrew 6. Winkle Attending but not swapping: 1. Snow 2. Goldy Attending and swapping, then changing status to swapping and not attending, then pulling out the weekend before due to work/family issues/commitments: 1. (hopefully...
  15. mccuaigm

    Bulk Buy - Little Brown Pumps

    Just got mine today, great work Warwick. Confirming that i have received: 2 x 12V 1 x 24V (for Wildayeast) We'll sort that out between us mate. Had one cracked base on one of the 12V ones too, no biggy to me though, I drive a Great Wall :lol: Thanks for all your efforts, great work...
  16. mccuaigm

    Se Qld Xmas-in-july Case Swap

    Looks like it was the usual great time at Case de Winkle Bummed not to make it this time
  17. mccuaigm

    Bulk Buy - Little Brown Pumps

    Oops :wacko: Sorry guys & that was sober :ph34r:
  18. mccuaigm

    Bulk Buy - Little Brown Pumps

    I'll take 2, cheers 1. TL-B07 -24v - warwick - $25 2. TL-B07 -24v - warwick - $50 3. TL-B07 -12v - Mjad - $75 4. TL-B07 -12v - Mjad - $100 5. TL-B07 -12v - Acasta - $125 6. TL-B07 - 24v - Wallace - $150 7. TL-B07 - 12v - Davelovesbeer - $175 8. TL-B07 - 24v - ampy - $200 9. TL-B07 - 24v - ampy...
  19. mccuaigm

    Birthday Drinks

    Thanks for the Birthday cheers, bit of a sore head today after a big weekend in Sydney, backup tonight for a B'day dinner :chug:
  20. mccuaigm

    Mash Paddle Made From Pine?

    How much was that one Manticle? Looks good