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  1. alowen474

    Opening The Keg

    +1, or if you have pellets make a hop tea and tip it in. It will settle out on the bottom soon enough. Your beer will be fine.
  2. alowen474

    Keg Wont Dispense.....?

    sounds like his tap is blocked
  3. alowen474

    Barley Crusher Hell

    What are you turning it with? how fast is it spinning? I don't think these like to turn too quickly, and if they do I don't think they draw the grain well initially.
  4. alowen474

    5.2 Ph Stabilizer In Mash

    Nothing like good oral too QldKev Not from that nurse apparently!!
  5. alowen474

    Leaky Perlick 525's

    You need a seal between the shank and the fitting. Try fitting the o ring in that space and tighten it up. Otherwise you need to get a proper washer.
  6. alowen474

    Need Help Id'ing Keg

    if you put up a picture it would probably help
  7. alowen474

    5.2 Ph Stabilizer In Mash

    Isn't it tow the Lyne?
  8. alowen474

    Insulating The Double Roller Doors On My Brewhouse

    Put a verandah on the front.
  9. alowen474

    400-500 Litre Brewery

    +1 Accumulating gear gets pricey after a while. $5K will pay for the council application fees and license application along as you don't have to engage an independant consultant. When you grab second hand gear from whatever source, they all need modifications and a good fabricator isn't that...
  10. alowen474

    Massive Sale At Dan Murphy's

    Yes many of you want to buy NOW. But you will have to wait. $23 for a case of Pure Blonde or NEW. How cheap is that??? Almost about the price of making Home BREW!!!! Woooo Hoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  11. alowen474

    Fs - Nsw - Perlick 525ss + Black Handle

    Is it just the tap or does it have a shank?
  12. alowen474

    Soda Stream Question

    You need an adapter. Look on evilbay or craftbrewer when they get back
  13. alowen474

    Looking For Barley Wine - Sydney

    Murrays AA4 if there's any left.
  14. alowen474

    Avoiding Light Struck Beer

    You need to keep them away from Darth Vader
  15. alowen474

    3 Piece Ball Valve? I Think Not!

    If you weren't running wort through it it wouldn't get dirty.
  16. alowen474

    Sanitary Fittings

    I have them extensively in my brewery. They work really well, but can be a bit awkward to put together particularly when they are hot and generaly you need hose barbs for everything unless you get them welded in. Next time I set up I would probably give the camlocks a go. They look pretty good...
  17. alowen474

    Wtb Used And Empty Small Whisky/spirit Barrel

    A friend of mine, Greg Hayward is the winemaker at Bago Vineyards and is also a cooper. I will get his email for you
  18. alowen474

    Graphic Designers - I Need A Logo

    The efforts you guys have put in to this is awesome. From where i sit, the designs posted here don't need to be anywhere near perfect. They are great ideas that we can develop. we will be keeping a couple in reserve for some later special releases and those 'designers' will also be well...