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  1. cam89brewer

    CCP Technologies temperature monitoring and recording.

    Has anyone on here used these yet? I hear Capital Brewing had them installed recently also. From what i read very user friendly, accurate and reasonably priced.
  2. cam89brewer

    CCP Technologies temperature monitoring and recording.

    Has anyone on here used these yet? I hear Capital Brewing had them installed recently also. From what i read very user friendly, accurate and reasonably priced.
  3. cam89brewer

    Chasing some cascade rhizomes

    Yeh I know I didn't get mine til August last time.
  4. cam89brewer

    Chasing some cascade rhizomes

    Had any luck yet? I am also after some cascade rhizomes but have only found them on ebay and am a little hesitant to buy them since they cost twice as much as they did a few years ago.
  5. cam89brewer

    What Extra Hops To Add To Amber Ale?

    Cascade always works well as a late addition in most darker/malty american style beers. If you are going to use simcoe as advised above I would highly recommend that you only use a small amount as if used in large amounts you may get too much of a pine like flavour and IMO would be off putting...
  6. cam89brewer

    Running An Aquarium Heater Out Of Water In Ferm Fridge?

    I improvised for one of my fermentation boxes by using a 50W Fish tank heater which sits perfects in the lid of a 3L milk container as pictured below and is able to keep approx a Box large enough to hold 3 fermenters warm all winter and am also able to manually adjust between 15C - 20C with the...
  7. cam89brewer

    9l Kegs?

    I agree that the only reason is for portability otherwise I the price can't really be justified IMHO.
  8. cam89brewer

    Vert Wyrt Wrt Or Wort

    I agree! If you are Australian then pronounce it the way it looks wort...
  9. cam89brewer

    Albury/wodonga's First Grain Bulk Buy

    Cheers for organising the bulk buy Hammo :icon_cheers: will have to have a proper brew day sometime soon.
  10. cam89brewer

    Conical Bling Bling!

    Everyone has got to dream and I would sure love to buy one one day but it has always been at the bottom of my list as I think there are a lot more necessary things out their that I could buy that would actually improve my beer rather than just look good and help with the collecting of yeast...
  11. cam89brewer

    Wyeast 1272 Cloudy?

    My version of cold crashing in winter is to just take the fermenter out of the fermenting fridge the day before and let it sit at about 10 - 12 degrees but obviously this is my problem in my process. I just get a little impatient sometimes when trying new things which doesn't seem to be a good...
  12. cam89brewer

    Wyeast 1272 Cloudy?

    I think next time I might just give it an extra day to cold crash before bottling as this is a great yeast and even though still cloudy tastes amazing.
  13. cam89brewer

    Wyeast 1272 Cloudy?

    But it is normal and will settle in time?
  14. cam89brewer

    Wyeast 1272 Cloudy?

    I couple of months ago I decided to give the 1272 a go in a few American Ales as a substitute for both US-05 and the 1056 but with both batches that I have brewed have are still cloudy over a month later. My process was completely identical to my old recipes which turned out 100% clear after 1-2...
  15. cam89brewer

    Stainless Conical Fermentors

    +2 I agree, this would be ideal and I have never seen these yeast harvesters before they look very handy and would save a lot of stuffing around.
  16. cam89brewer

    Stainless Conical Fermentors

    If I was going to spend the extra cash on one of these in which I have considered before, I would be aiming for a reasonably large size maybe at least 50 - 60L - Ideally 80 - 100L and I think that having a custom heating jacket or a recirculating coil would be very advantageous. The only query I...
  17. cam89brewer

    2012 Hop Plantations

    I suppose shoots would be the word , they are only a few cm above the surface. I don't think it is necessary to treat your hops like babies, last year my saaz snapped in half at about 1 meter and it ended up growing twice as fast as the rest.
  18. cam89brewer

    How Much Hops Do You Use For A Hoppy Pale Ale ?

    I think that there is no real limit on how much hops you use as aroma and flavour additions, It really comes down to personal preference. But it also depends on which hops you are using to dry hop and which hops you bitter with.... etc If you use a high AA bittering hop then surely that is going...
  19. cam89brewer

    2012 Hop Plantations

    My Mt hood is also sprouting now and we are still getting frosts every second night :huh:
  20. cam89brewer

    Chocolate Stout

    I don't think anything in it will effect the beer in a negative way, I would only be more concerned about over carbonating. Ingredients - Glucsoe Syrup (wheat or corn), Cane Sugar, Thickener (1401or1420), Gelatine, Full Cream Milk Powder, cocoa, Salt, Flavours. CONTAINS MILK AND WHEAT STARCH.