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  1. yankinoz

    Controlled fermentation and bottling

    It's a procedure I've used in the past without problems. I'd recommend going several degrees above the recommended temperature range for that yeast in order to speed carbonation. You won't get off flavours, given the little fermentation that takes place. Ten days max, then drop to lagering temps.
  2. yankinoz

    Past best before date LME

    For future reference, in case anyone has bought LME and can't use it soon, Briess on their website recommend putting it in the freezer, which very nearly stops the unwanted reactions. They do not recommend refrigeration for long periods, as it can lead to surface mold formation at fridge temps...
  3. yankinoz

    Past best before date LME

    Use it. I've used LME 1-2 months past best before date. Expect the brew to be slightly darker than it would be if the LME were used well within the recommended period. If you were to do a side-by-side with a batch using fresher LME, you would probably notice a difference in a lightly flavoured...
  4. yankinoz

    A new experience

    Sounds like tooth fairy mischief.
  5. yankinoz

    High temp yeast for extract

    Second the above comments. Find out which kveik yeasts are available, check their recommended temperatures, and go. Keep in mind that they generally ferment very fast, and that will raise the temps. Maybe try to start at the low end of the range.
  6. yankinoz

    Straining Hops

    If you're straining into the fermenter, you're straining out trub proteins along with the hops. That's your green gunk. Plain cotton voile from Spotlight makes an effective strainer. Secure it over the mouth of the fermenter to form a sack. Ladle into it first the fairly clear wort, and then...
  7. yankinoz

    Spray Foam in loft..

    And they are by no means uniform across Australia. but I believe he's asking if removing the foam is technically feasible. If he does it and he's anywhere in Argentina other that Patagonia, it may get damned hot up there.
  8. yankinoz

    High FG

    A classic case of negative evidence. Why would reaching the recommended FG move anyone to inquire why it happened? But your other points are well taken
  9. yankinoz

    High FG

    Which yeast? Did you do anything to raise or stir up the yeast?
  10. yankinoz

    Apple Juice Concentrate or even Apple cordial?

    I've often had cider made from reconstituted AJC in the US. It was okay, but I doubt anyone would choose it over cider from fresh juice. FYI: there's a fundamental difference in the logistics of juice distribution between the US and Australia.. In either country you can buy fresh squeezed...
  11. yankinoz

    Rain Water Ph 4.7

    Rainwater with a pH of 4.5 probably contains traces of sulphuric acid (from sulphur-dioxide emissions), nitric acid (from nitric oxide emissions), or both. It can go below 4.0 in the most acidic rain. If so, it's not as bad as it sounds for the beer. You end up with a slight addition of...
  12. yankinoz

    Unknown grain ratios

    The grains are unmilled or, if milled, vacuum packed?
  13. yankinoz

    Howler Brown Ale?

    You can ferment with Notty down to 12, the lower the more neutral. At higher ale temps, >19, in the active stage it's fruitier, to my tastes not in a good way. Either way it's highly attenuative. As I've mentioned here before, US-05 and BRY-97 trace back to the same brewery, Ballantine Newark...
  14. yankinoz

    Howler Brown Ale?

    That grist will give you a very, very malty brew, with a mix of nutty, caramel, biscuit and toast. I'd like it, but might drop the chocolate malt. You decide if it's what you want. How much of the Fuggles is in late additions? How much fruity taste do you want? No yeast is completely neutral...
  15. yankinoz

    Things can only get better....right?

    Their balloons hold up well.
  16. yankinoz

    $12 Schooners

    Methinks too many parliamentarians are wine drinkers.
  17. yankinoz

    Kviek pale

    Better test of kveik character than something an AIPA, XPA, APA etc. would have. Hop character in cream ales gets debated. I came of beer age on them because they were the most palatable cheap brews. None, not even Liebotschaner or Spotted Cow, had or have anywhere near as much hop aroma as...
  18. yankinoz

    Monster Imperial IPA

    Very West Coast recipe (CA, not WA). At the current exchange rate, I'd change the base malt. Many would work quite well, but Gladfield's American Ale Malt might come closest.
  19. yankinoz


    2 weeks is plenty, unless cool is too cool. What is the temp? Did you use a kit yeast? Another possibility is that you got a bad seal on that bottle. That happens, but rarely. Try another and check the caps to see the capper is making the teeth snug around the bottle..
  20. yankinoz

    CRAFTBREWER is for sale

    Ross- Despite my being in Victoria, I did business with you on several occasions and on a few asked questions. You were always helpful and a pleasure to do business with. Best wishes with Bacchus. Dan Vasey