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  1. super_simian

    Challenger hops not growing well

    I've noticed my Perle and Tettnang lag ages behind my Chinook, maybe a US/Euro thing?
  2. super_simian

    Mandarina wheaty saison

    Belle Saison is the dog's bollocks for sure. Single digit FG every time, no simple sugar needed.
  3. super_simian

    Brewing a saison for noobs

    Dan's actually have examples from Birra Del Borgo and St Feuillien fairly often. So...yeah.
  4. super_simian

    is it an infection ? weird behaviour in the bottle

    I've made 3 AG batches with Belle Saison, and all have exhibited this behavior to a greater or lesser extent. Interesting to hear someone else is experiencing it too.
  5. super_simian

    contaminated beer kills 75 people

    Fermented grain drink = beer. Which includes pombe, kaffir, malwa, chicha and also saké.
  6. super_simian

    Summer Ale Hop Advice

    Absolutely. This is a pretty good (albeit web 1.0 style) resource for "Balance value", which is a way of expressing IBUs against attenuation. It's a field in Brewmate too.
  7. super_simian

    What is this sweet caramel flavour?

    Oh wow, lightbulb! My latest blonde ale (Nottingham @14C) after 7 days smelled like Capilano! Giving it a D-rest (18C) as we speak, hopefully that will assist
  8. super_simian

    Pintail Pale Clone

    I've never had a good Pintail -they always come across as a classic "American Stale Ale". All cardboard and no hops.
  9. super_simian

    Berliner Weisse starter?

    I posted this then read your post - so right!
  10. super_simian

    Getting started in sours.

    I've done "kettle" (pre-boil) souring three times. Twice made lovely Berliner Weiss*. Once made the house smell like someone had puked Parmesan topped dirty nappies into a 100-year old running shoe. My advice is to use a known lacto-strain, and keep the souring wort hot and free of oxygen. And...
  11. super_simian

    Furphy Clone

    I'd always do it that way round. Chasing a mega-brewery brewed beer for colour is a losing game IMHO; adding ingredients like RB or Midnight wheat, even in very small amounts, will have some influence on the taste. Even brewers caramel changes flavour, although Sinamar claims minimal taste impact.
  12. super_simian

    Furphy Clone

    Personally, I'd drop the RB. And possibly the wheat? Seems like it'd be a very simple grist.
  13. super_simian

    White Rabbit Dark Ale Clone

    Haven't been for a long time. Pre-Geelong.
  14. super_simian

    Mangrove Jack's Burton Union M79

    I got a lot of banana and pear, a little clove. And quite high attenuation. Not what I was aiming for at the time, but I am holding a packet for a planned UK Strong/Old Ale (TOP-esque) as I notice my favorite examples (TOP, BrakspearTriple III, Riggwelter) have a pretty estery nose (not unlike...
  15. super_simian

    Massive mishap

    Unless you're looking to specifically limit fermentability.
  16. super_simian


    No stink, no wait, no driver mumbling into a phone, no wrong directions. Uber wins everytime. I'll take my chances with the compensation grey area.
  17. super_simian

    Brewing/ Making Low Alcohol Beer

    Best 'NA' beer has to be BrewDog Nanny State. Hoppy malt soda. Or, dry hop 2 Birell in a Soda Stream bottle for an hour or two. If you really want to brew your own and aren't interested in RO or vacuum distilling, this article may be of interest.
  18. super_simian

    What's Your Typical Attenuation with Windsor yeast

    I seem to always get the higher end of attenuation for dry yeasts, even with a hot mash (for example, Nottingham is set on my system as 78%). From experience, I plug Windsor in as 72%. But YMMV.
  19. super_simian

    Two beers, one boil?

    True parti- (or party-) gyling is actually a bit more complicated than the way US homebrewers use the term. It involves re-combining boiled worts of differing gravity prior to fermentation.