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  1. Brewery Build

    Brewery Build

  2. yardy

    No Topic Thread

    Personally I'm not interested in the resource sector. Its full of slack crumpets that make profitable jobs blow out because everyone on site is fitted with a vagina and a book on how to whinge. But there are plenty of fabricators set up for the work especially in South Australia where they...
  3. yardy

    No Topic Thread

    A lot of the regional areas north of Bundy are onto it as far as getting onto this current boom, Bundaberg council can't see past the fking sugar cane, (wonder why it has a high unemployment rate ? ) there's the possibility of a small open cut mine in the region, can't see it getting the nod...
  4. yardy

    No Topic Thread

    We're on acreage out in the bush so we weren't hit like Bundaberg, I was away for work but the wife and kids were stranded for 3 days with no power or phone. I'm just over the whole area, it's run by retired cane farmers and old women, there's a resources boom going on and Bundaberg does it's...
  5. yardy

    Pope resigns, time for a Black Pope?

    Why don't we just wait until JC comes back and he can pick one, he shouldn't be too much longer surely, stuck in traffic most likely.
  6. yardy

    Bar Maid or Stripper

    where's the hooker option ? or crack addicted bag lady..
  7. yardy

    First World Problems Thread

    no it doesn't.
  8. yardy

    First World Problems Thread

    KCF slightly resemble scabs.
  9. yardy

    No Topic Thread

    that's bad news mate, try living in an area that's suffered two 'once in a hundred year floods', since 2010, I'm over this joint.. I'ts WA for me, looking at RE in Halls Head, Golden Bay, Secret Hbr etc in that area.
  10. yardy

    Funny As Hell...

    Missing Missy...
  11. yardy


    I have it on good authority the automated hop portion dispenser with patented overhead underhang was soldered to the wrong board and was last seen revving at 38000 RPM, apparently the papier mache bolts failed on commissioning, the unit was last seen dispensing hops over approximately three suburbs.
  12. yardy


    This bloke is.
  13. yardy

    The Friday Conundrum: Copper Chain Agitated Mash Tun?

    It's not clear tube, it's stainless flat bar with a pitch rolled into it and the radius on the outer end makes it look like tube. I'd say the round bar wasn't getting the desired effect so they've added the flat bar with the pitch to either force the mash up or down depending on which direction...
  14. yardy

    More For Sale

    sale fell through so bump.
  15. yardy

    Pig Gets The Last Laugh

    Pig revenge story #2 we used to do a bit of pig hunting in our teens and this particular day my mates father was butchering the pig we'd caught, after cutting it's throat he stuck the knife in the lawn, my numptie mate wandering around with no boots on as usual, walked into the knife where it...
  16. yardy

    No Topic Thread

    Tap it and split.
  17. yardy

    No Topic Thread

    she murdered him for the dough, and you're next if you get involved with this crazy ivory coast bitch.
  18. yardy

    No Topic Thread

    tell her to eat a bucket of dicks.
  19. yardy

    No Topic Thread

    I'm tiling the ensuite but I'll have a look at it later.
  20. yardy

    First World Problems Thread

    It was previously known as the Simpson Forest when I was a Lumberjack (and I'm OK).