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  1. J

    Cascade Hop Rhizomes In Qld

    I don't know about anywhere in Brisbane but the only place i could get them this late in Australia is Goliath Brewing via mail order.
  2. J

    Beer Quotes

    hahaha GOLD!
  3. J


    Thanks for the info POL. The Making Mead book does talk alot about the yeast nutrients and acids that are needed to be added. 8kg of good fresh honey is a aweosme score! My LHBs is apparently getting in some Clover honey which is apparently good stuff to use for mead? Oh and Airqead the...
  4. J


    Thanks mate. I really should have tried that!
  5. J


    Thanks Dave. I think i'll give that recipe you posted ago and let you know how it turns out. Apparently there is a place around here that sells the half bottles for a good price so i might look into getting some of those. I was given a bottle of mead the other day in 1 and it looks really good...
  6. J


    Thanks Dave. Thats more info then i could have wished for! I think i would like to have a go at a braggot to start jsut to have a go at it and try it within a shorter period of time and from there give a pyment or cyser a go. I have had a browse at the Making Mead book (kinda have a soft copy...
  7. J

    Being A Head With Quality Control

    Here is the story form another source.
  8. J


    I want to make a mead using a 1 or 3 gallon glass carboy. Does anyone have a good recipe/procedure for it? I have never made a mead before but i have thought about doing it for some time. What yeast would be the best? Any specific type of honey that can be recommended? What would be the...
  9. J

    Thirsty Work?

    haha seen that before. Its a pissa!
  10. J

    More % Please

    Sorry mate a bit of a typo there. What was meant was 1200.....
  11. J

    More % Please

    Went to the LHBS recently and the owner was showing me a brew he just put down. It consists of 6kg of liquid malt! The OG was around 2100 and he reckons it will finish up at around 1020ish. God damn its going to be high in alcohol! Maybe this one will taste good though. He was saying he used...
  12. J

    Beer In The Car

    I'm pretty sure what TonyDav said is true well for (NSW anyway). I remember hearing it on the radio that they have changed the law so you can no longer have a beer whilest driving and being pissed off because I always thought it was illegal and thought of all the times on a friday arvo on the...
  13. J

    Esb Draught

    The first good use for a Mac......
  14. J

    Cleaning Beer Lines - What's A Good Product?

    I also use beer line cleaner but i think the stuff i get it just expensive napisan! I think in future i will just use napisan. I don't use clamps either and have never had a problem with the lines. Does anyone else use clamps or had a problem without them? I may have to get some if thats the case.
  15. J

    Keg Presures

    Yeah i would give that a go first. Whenever i leave it at 300 for 24 its no where near gassed enough.
  16. J

    Keg Presures

    haha yeah it does. You would then have to leave it for 3 days out of the fridge with the release valve open to degas it!
  17. J

    Keg Presures

    Howdy, 300 would be ok to gas with, i leave it at about that for almost 2 full days to gas mine. To pour 180 sounds a tad to high. I usually pour at around 60 but just play around with the pouring pressure and you will get it to what suits it best. Cheers
  18. J

    Personalised Plates

    I saw a good one once on a Porsche with a lady driver ----- WASHIS There is one arond here FNTOOL, why you would want to advertise yourself as a tool is beyond me.....
  19. J

    Brewtique - Keg System. Any One Seen One?

    The guy over at Kahibah Cellars is selling these and he let me have a look at one. i can't really see the use in buying one for $350 though. Also what's the go with gas in these? What do they use for pouring pressure? Do they just us what ever pressure was passed on when it was filled? You...
  20. J


    Yeah take over my market will you! I in no way profit from these. I am not selling them I just know somewhere that is. And as i said i'm not sure if thats a good price or anything as i have never bought bottles before. Cheers