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  1. drew9242

    AHB Strava Club

    I only started road biking 3 months ago. But will be aiming for 5000km this year. I enjoying bike riding on the country roads and keeps me fit for footy.
  2. drew9242

    *2015 WA Biggo Beer Case Swap*

    1 Nev - Imperial Dopple Bock 2 Mitch_76 3 Mikey 4 Dent - Eis imperial stout 15%+ 5 keifer33 6 danestead - Double IPA 7 Stalking Wilbur - Farmhouse IIPA 8 Rad - ? 9 Neander - ..Been thinking of doing a double Muddy water again as one of my fuckups tuned out shit hot. Black IIPA. 10 Lukas - will...
  3. drew9242

    *2015 WA Biggo Beer Case Swap*

    Looks like I'm good to go. Got 9 kingies and 5 stubbies.
  4. drew9242

    *2015 WA Biggo Beer Case Swap*

    Cool I'll have a look next time I'm out at the storage shed. Whenever I crack them with friends they don't appreciate them anyway. So might as well give them to people who do.
  5. drew9242

    Drinkin' in the Sun - WA Summer Case Swap

    Oh shit. I just checked me calendar and I need to be in Albany on the 6th. I'm going to perth for something on the 5th and thought this would work.
  6. drew9242

    Drinkin' in the Sun - WA Summer Case Swap

    I just tasting my English bitter and if I can find some time I can swap some of that.
  7. drew9242

    *2015 WA Biggo Beer Case Swap*

    too many posts. Can see I hav done this for a while.
  8. drew9242

    *2015 WA Biggo Beer Case Swap*

    Depending on how many swappers you get? And wether you are willing to accept half as 345ml bottles I do have a barley wine that has been maturing for 4 years now.
  9. drew9242

    Drinkin' in the Sun - WA Summer Case Swap

    Hmm might be able to somehow get too this event. Will do a bit more work. Not sure if i could do the swap yet.
  10. drew9242

    Frozen kegs. Stuffed beer?

    In hindsight you should transfered to another keg leaving all the ice. Then you would have had a nice concentrated high alcohol beer.
  11. drew9242

    Plane shot down with 27 Aussies on board.

    Just to let everyone know as it will be on the news tonight anyway. Unfortunately God in His infinite wisdom has taken my parents in this accident. We prayer for every other family in this situation and understand what they may be going through.
  12. drew9242

    Like, stop saying "Like"...Like...

    I Like Liked this
  13. drew9242

    Amarillo - new season coming.

    Im the same don't see what all the fuss is about. I must be doing something wrong or it doesnt appeal to me the same as other people. Or im expecting great things and am dissapointed because of high expectations.
  14. drew9242

    Tupperware turns 65

    Not Quite. There are conditions. If you abbuse the tupperware certain ways, expect it to be hard to get a replacement.
  15. drew9242

    Reusing US-05

    Did you just smash the next beer on the cake every time for 6 Months? I normally do 3 batchs out of each yeast. I take as much of the yeast cake out with a glass and then pitch straight on top.
  16. drew9242

    10 minute IPAs are good for school night brewing

    Ummm arent you worried with only doing a 10min boil?
  17. drew9242

    Recipe for 150 Lashes?

    Pale Malt 80% Wheat 15% Carapils 5% Centinnieal @ 60min to 20IBU Centinieal @ 10min - .5g/L Willamete @ 5min - .5g/L Cascade @ 5min - .5g/L I have brewed this a couple times and have had a great response. It's got a bit more hop flavour then the original. But i think its for the best.
  18. drew9242

    2013 W.A. Xmas Case Swap

    Paddle pool at the bottom and we are sorted. Get this up and running and I might have to find time to make the trip.
  19. drew9242

    2013 W.A. Xmas Case Swap

    Won't be able to make it this year either due to time constraints.
  20. drew9242

    WA English Ale Fest, Interested ?

    Have a good one. Ill just have a few ESB here by myself in this cold countryside :)