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  1. Bridges

    Anyone with a grain mill in Melbourne NE suburbs? Need an urgent crush!

    If you tried this request elsewhere I know of brewers in Hurstbridge, Macleod and other locations that may be able to help you out.
  2. Bridges

    State of the Goonion

    Sorry, but how are politicians making money from the ballarat beer festival? Feel free to stir the hornets nest but no one is stopping you being a politician either. I agree we pay to much tax on beer and many other things but am struggling to see the link from beer fest to political fundraiser...
  3. Bridges

    Anyone tried coopers "session ale"?

    And he seems to drink in the same pub and talk to the same coopers rep as someone else...
  4. Bridges

    Anyone tried coopers "session ale"?

    Hey there meatball you seem familiar for some reason...
  5. Bridges

    Anyone tried coopers "session ale"?

    Coopers do good ales. I'm happy to see them going after this style as I think they should be able to do a good job of it. Now I just need to try some. Thanks for your opinions.
  6. Bridges

    Anyone tried coopers "session ale"?

    Seems to be close to their pale with galaxy and melba hops. Are they taking on the yak range? I'd be interested in trying it but didn't know it existed until a few minutes ago.
  7. Bridges

    KegKing now at

    I know some keg king stuff wasn't great like the elements, but the keg king cornys I've got are great and I haven't heard bad stuff about the intertaps, I've also grabbed malt, yeast and corny posts and seals at keg king when in the area in the past, so I am following this thread as it's a shop...
  8. Bridges

    KegKing now at

    So where does fit into this puzzle? And will they stock malt? Ebay tells me they are in Forrest Hill which is a bit closer to me...
  9. Bridges

    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    Kylo Ren is Han and Leia's son. In a strange piece of casting they hired an actor that looked entirely unlike them both. I agree his character is sort of crap, I still don't see any reason why he would turn to the dark side, or choose to emulate his Grand Father who turned away from the dark...
  10. Bridges

    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    New star wars was not on the same level of stupid as mad max. Not even close. I'm a star wars tragic and didn't think it was great, but I am hoping that the next film which it set up hits it out of the park. If you want bad star wars look up Hayden Christensen talking about sand.
  11. Bridges

    Melbourne 2018 Glassware BB

    Wow. Love your work Yob. The question now is want or need...
  12. Bridges

    Kolsch brew

    Yep all marketing. Us-05 will still make a nice and very drinkable ale with all the kolsch ingredients. Won't taste like a kolsch though. I use wlp029 in mine and really enjoy it. Don't stress. Use what you have, it'll be a nice ale.
  13. Bridges

    Kegs taps and other goodies - QLD gold coast

    Yob was chasing some tap decals I believe...
  14. Bridges Beer stuff

    Just saw this. Since when? and what the... Not sure what to make of it. Not that cheap at first glance.
  15. Bridges

    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    Apparently forced to sell it at gun point. At least according to my most trusted news source.
  16. Bridges

    What's with the PC bullshit?

    Well at least I stand a chance of being published in the Womens Weekly. Clearly you wouldn't.
  17. Bridges

    Do you have a beard? (poll)

    This if I remember correctly was a damn fine drop.
  18. Bridges

    First World Problems Thread

    When you slice open a bag of grated cheese, on the dotted line with the little picture of a pair of scissors, only to find that some numpty has the printing all wrong and I have to make a SECOND cut just to open the bag.
  19. Bridges

    What's good to watch on netflix?

    Bojack Horseman. Really hits it's straps in the second season but seriously funny stuff.