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    Co2 Tank's Perth

    They have a 3.5kg and a 4.5kg which the guys said would do my 4 kegs a number of times.
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    Co2 Tank's Perth

    Thanks for the responses. I do actually have to purchase a cylinder. suggestions on size? i have 6 kegs 4 on tap
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    Co2 Tank's Perth

    Dredging up and old one here. Is Pressure Testing Service in Belmont still a god place to purchase a bottle and get refills? I am in West Perth asnd need something in the next week.
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    Braumeister - Tips & Tricks

    What are folks typical evaporation rates with the 20L BM? I am still trying to get a baseline and had aprox 16% on the last brew. My mash efficiency was also at 95% which seems rather high.
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    Help on biab IPA

    sorry posting in the wrong thread
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    Dicko's Dome for the Braumeister

    So I have only just got a BM and have done 1 brew. I never got over 97c, is that normal? Might go get me a dome.
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    Kegging Setups

    I plan to get my keg setup complete this summer. It is fully outdoors (no roof over) so I am chasing tips on how to construct and weather proof this. I will most likely be going with a chest freezer setup. Thoughts?
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    FS West Perth - Fermentation Fridge

    Still available. another image to show size for those interested.
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    FS West Perth - Fermentation Fridge

    I have an old fermentation fridge for sale. It has been a very reliable ferm fridge for a long time and holds a good temp. Temperature control is analogue from -30 to +30. I can adjust it pretty much spot on to my desired temp. Been on the porch unused for a little while so needs a good...
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    Braumeister - Tips & Tricks

    After 12 months I am finally in a position to start brewing again - just it time before the first baby. Having just downgraded my shed size and being very space poor I am going to sell my 3 vessels setup and get a braumeister. So who is selling the braumeister in Australia and online? Where is...
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    Braumeister Or 3v Herms

    Does the 20L and 50L put 20L and 50L inter the fermenter? What sort of gravity beers can you do with the 20L? Massively space poor so my 3V is reaching the end of its life.
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    Kegging Setups

    Speaking of keg setups, I needed to go to the Balcatta tip over the weekend and noticed they have a big recycling area - like a massive swap meet. Heaps of old fridges/freezer that could be used for keggerators and other useful brew gear. No idea if any of it is working.
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    Bread Porn

    Rippa! That is a lot of bread to eat.
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    Pbw Safe On Rubber?

    Thanks guys will give them a try before I order a new seal.
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    Pbw Safe On Rubber?

    Is PBW safe to use on rubber? I have had my front loading washing machine in storage for the past 2 years and as people may know front loaders are prone to mold around the rubber seal, well over the last 2 years I have got a fair moldout break. Any one know if PBW is safe to use or other other...
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    Wa Aka Sandgropers Xmas Case Swap 2011

    Jump on board guys and keep this going. I can't get involved this year as my brewing has been shut down for the last 6 months and it will still be a month or 2 min before I get going again. Hopefully will be in a position to host next years.
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    Best Pub In London

    Yep some excellent options there. I used to live in Farringdon and there are some nice little pubs. Don't be surprise if there are not many people about on a weekend day - it is a business area. There is a couple of big clubs in the area so at night is gets busy. Some Banksy street art in the...
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    Best Pub In London

    There really is a lot of great pubs and no doubt whatever you stubble across you will like, if not move on there will be another just up the road. Check this thread out for some further ideas No doubt your wife will want a trip down...
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    Whats The Best Beer You Have Had?

    Rocherfort 8 is probably my fav.
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    Cigs War Won: Now Cancer Campaigners Set Their Sights On Beer

    Evidence of health benefits. I posted it in the wrong forum a while back. Positive Health Benefits of Beer