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  1. Ash in Perth

    Comment by 'Ash in Perth' in media 'Mill setup'

    Nice setup. I run the same drill for my Marga. They do a great job!
  2. Ash in Perth

    Trademark Wars - Cub Vs Thunder Road

    And you tihnk they'd give it to a Craft Brewer? :P
  3. Ash in Perth

    Trademark Wars - Cub Vs Thunder Road

    Interesting topic... I can see both sides. It's great that they are trying to resurrect some old beer names. They will probably be nothing like the old beers but be much better (Highly carbonated, not ragingly infected, etc). But, they are old CUB brands. It would be a bit like a new car...
  4. Ash in Perth

    Rate My American Ipa Hop Combo

    That hop grist looks good too me. Perhaps more complicated that it has to be though. Galaxy is good in low quantities, too much can give a 'canned pineapple' aroma. This was from a brew I did with 100% galaxy in my hopback... Never again.
  5. Ash in Perth

    Little Creatures Day Of The Long Shadow Sb

    Who said anything about a Belgian yeast? B)
  6. Ash in Perth

    Lion To Purchase Little World Beverages

    Fat chance... Plenty more to come.
  7. Ash in Perth

    Little Creatures Selling Up?

    First of all, I do not speak for the company, only myself. It's saddening to see a lot of our fans make their mind up so quickly that we are now going to brew bland beers. We've been a big player in the craft brewing industry for a long time and that will not change. I just hope you give us a...
  8. Ash in Perth

    Remote Controlled Brewery

    The world would not be half as good at innovations if we all weren't so lazy! :blink:
  9. Ash in Perth

    Mashed In At 70c..........

    Don't worry about it too much... When I first started mashing, I was using a kitchen thermometer that read 5 degrees too low. As a result, I was always mashing around 70-72 degrees and I made some great beers. b-amylase will not last too long at that temp but it will still produce lots of...
  10. Ash in Perth

    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    If you can find a fairly fresh batch, I promise you will not be disappointed. When young, under 6 months, it is a great beer. After that it changes a lot and it becomes a love or hate type beer. I love it :drinks:
  11. Ash in Perth

    Can I Warm (possibly Get More Carbonation) In Chilled, Bottled Beer?

    PET's are great for this. Pull them out of the fridge, mix them up a bit and keep them around 20 Degrees C. Chilling them early will have slowed the yeast right down but they should condition OK, just a bit slower now. You can just feel the pressure in the bottles when they are more carbonated.
  12. Ash in Perth

    Do You Stress Over Infection?

    I don't stress too much at all. I am confident in my simple cleaning/sanitising regime and I just make sure I stick to it. 1. I clean fermenters thoroughly after use and store them DRY. 2. While brewing, I put in a couple of litres of dilute iodophor in my fermenter(s), shake around and let it...
  13. Ash in Perth

    How Do Microbrews Change For The Worse When Production Is Scaled Up.

    I remember reading about this after a large brewery expanded and bought a set of tall lager style fermenters for brewing ales. They ended up only half filling them to get the same fermentation profile for one or more of their beers. Keeping the height/diameter ratio the same is very important...
  14. Ash in Perth

    How Do Microbrews Change For The Worse When Production Is Scaled Up.

    All good points raised above. I suspect the brewer at the brewpub may not be following the exact same recipe as the production brewery...
  15. Ash in Perth

    How Do Microbrews Change For The Worse When Production Is Scaled Up.

    When a brewery increases in size, they usually improve their technology as well. This will improve brewhouse efficiency so less malt is required to give the same wort. This saves money, increases capacity and has no negative effect on beer flavour. Done well, brewery expansions should have no...
  16. Ash in Perth

    RecipeDB - Raspberry Beer

    This would have been great fot separating some in a 4L glass carboy or similar and aging with wyeast 3278... If it was too sweet, this could help attenuate it :icon_drool2: Here is some details:
  17. Ash in Perth

    Kvass..russian Style Bread "beer"

    This kind of thing really interests me, I'd also love to hear how it turned out. I wonder how close this was to what the first types of 'beer' were like? With time not always being on my side, I like to do mini mashes on the stove and the like to play around with strange traditional style recipes.
  18. Ash in Perth

    No Chill

    I'll stand behind this point completely. Thirsty Boy touched on it briefly when he pointed out the adequate boil idea. I was not comparing a normal healthy boil to a vigorous boil but a gentle (piss weak) boil that I have seen too often. If you boil very gently (think 'simmer') there will...
  19. Ash in Perth

    No Chill

    Cheers mate, the point about cone hops fills in the gap in my knowledge.... The same concept would be true about pellet hops to an extent also but as you say, not as significantly
  20. Ash in Perth

    AHB Articles: Little Creatures is looking for brewers

    There were a lot of applicants from what I've been told and nothing has been finalised.