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    Co2 Cartriges & Fridge Thermostat Where To Get Em?

    Aha... Jye, I understand that this implies that there's no legal restriction on shipping pressurized containers between states (or at least no enforced prohibition). Do you know if it's above board to import them from abroad? Linz, does DJ's mean David Jones? I wouldn't call myself a...
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    Co2 Cartriges & Fridge Thermostat Where To Get Em?

    Hey All, First off, hello to everyone again & sorry to be a stranger. Guess I haven't had a word with some of ya since GMK came to Oxford 132 back last year. Hope it's flowing clean for all of yous. Got a question: I just picked up one of these 'genuine innovations' bicycle pump keg...
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    Gmk In Queensland

    This sounds like a great thing to me. I didn't see the date though.
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    Gruit & Other Medeival And Medicinal Adjuncts

    Right, well, I've news to report re: herbal beers. The ale described earlier in the conversation went off great. I passed several bottles around at a party here a couple weeks back to rave reviews. Rosemary is a good herb. Since then I've bottled two more Recipe 1: Goat-Headed Pagan Ale...
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    Gruit & Other Medeival And Medicinal Adjuncts

    Thats's not cool about the ground ivy. I was going to ask you where you got it b/c I can't find it online (or haven't yet). Are the bugs eating it up? They've really gone to town on my sage & I had to cut away some old growth of wormwood b/c it was covered in a wierd scale. Still keen on...
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    Gruit & Other Medeival And Medicinal Adjuncts

    Well, you might guess by my referral to the purity laws what I think of most prohibition statutes. Paternalistics actions by the state in the name of what (is sometimes laughably) called safety is a big reason why my homeland is the worlds biggest prison warden. I'm not a medical doctor, just...
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    Gruit & Other Medeival And Medicinal Adjuncts

    Certainly, hops acts as a preservative in beer. However, there was a lot going on regarding beer adjuncts pre-reformation. I understand that to formulate a gruit mix you had to buy a license, and these were only sold by a monopoly owned by the Catholic church. I've also heard that the beer...
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    Gruit & Other Medeival And Medicinal Adjuncts

    Right On, JMonk. I have one in the fermenter now. I wasn't able to find fresh herbs/plants re: yarrow, myrica, marsh rosemary, bog, myrtle, broom, clary, darrow etc. I just ordered some mugwort and henbane. I was able to plant & get going some wormwood, sage (officianalis) & rosemary...
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    Where To Get Good, Bulk Dry Yeast

    You raise a good point Armstrong, and I'll keep considering it. However, I will note that with the Aussie/Greenback exchange running at 0.77+ right now, I'm perpetually dismayed by the persistence of prices on manufactured goods which seem to have been set when it was still 0.50. I'm sure...
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    Where To Get Good, Bulk Dry Yeast

    Thanks Guys, Windsor and Nottingham sound like a good try. I'll be price comparing vendors here and via relatively fast post from the US. It will depend on shipping costs, I imagine, but it must not be too hard to fit several sachets in an international priority mail envelope. It's not too...
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    Where To Get Good, Bulk Dry Yeast

    Hi Guys, I find that it's useful to have a stash of good solid (high attenuation, high flocculation) dry ale yeast on hand for those rainy sundays when the local HB shop isn't open but I get the bug to lay a brew down. I'd like to buy a good 'bulk' (< 100 sachets) order from somewhere and I'm...
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    Kegging Mead

    I've kegged mead as soon as it clears in the secondary. No worries, comes out fine. You can add sugar as well to carbonate in the keg.
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    Sodastream Cylinders - At A Price!

    Is there anybody on the list still willing to make soda stream adaptors for a price?
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    My Extinguisher Broke !

    Sorry, that wasn't clear - a cheap ordinary C02 extinguisher is what I meant.
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    My Extinguisher Broke !

    So I shouldn't invest in a cheap ordinary Co2 cylinder if I see one, because it won't be the right kind? Cheers ToS
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    Priming Kegs With Sugar?

    I've sugar-primed kegs several times back home. No worries. The first serving is cloudy, but this just gives you the chance to 'take one for the team' before the party starts (and save yourself the aftereffects of binging the next morning). I understand that bottle/keg conditioning can add...
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    Co2 Extinguisher

    Hey All, Shed, when you say 'a regulator to fit it', does this mean a special breed of regulator? Do I take it that a 'standard' co2 reg from, for example, ebay, will not work for the job? Just trying to optimize costs to get my new 45L keg up and running. Cheers, ToS
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    Soda Stream Adaptor

    Hey All, I have a question about these soda stream bottles. Do they keep the Co2 as liquid or compressed gas? How much beer can they push out of a keg before needing a refill? Cheers, ToS
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    My Extinguisher Broke !

    Hey Guys, Re: my 'Co2 for kegs - where to get?' thread, Snow had directed me towards a fire protection outfit in the Bris area that will fit an extinguisher with the parts needed to connect it to a normal reg. Is this usually the case? Do these bits then replace the handle/squirt mechanism...
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    Ginger Beer Won't Ferment

    Using nutrient will definitely speed up the fermentation. I'm on my second ginger beer batch since the qld summer started and things are going fine. I usually use a packet of nutrient and for good measure I toss a packet of bakers yeast in during the boil, lysing the cells. This puts more...