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    Equipment For Sale For Sale! Kettles & induction cooktop

    I still have the ss brewtech 21L kettle available. Price drop to $100.
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    +1. I do half batches usually using a corny as a fermenter but it's not ideal. More SS fermenter options would always be welcome.
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    Dedicated Braumeister Guide, Problems & Solution Thread

    Does anyone else have issues doughing in? I recently bought a 10L brau and have noticed that when doughing in, once I get past approx 2kg of malt in the pipe, the malt becomes difficult to wet/stir in. I often end up using the filter plates to compress the grain bed in order to wet the malt. I...
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    Equipment For Sale For Sale! Kettles & induction cooktop

    Bump. Listing elsewhere if there is no interest on here
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    Equipment For Sale For Sale! Kettles & induction cooktop

    Doing a cleanout of brewing equipment to free up some space. It's all in good condition and not used enough anymore to justify the space taken after upgrading to an all in one system. Pickup in Sunshine, VIC SS Brewtech 21L Kettle + SS Brewtech dial thermometer - $150 18 months old & in good...
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    Equipment For Sale Retirement Sale

    Still have those better bottles left? Are they the 3 gallon ones? Looking for a few for some split batches.
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    Beer going off ?

    Bars will be bound by the best before dates on the keg. Plenty of food products last well beyond their best before dates but businesses still can't sell them. From my uni days working in a pub supplied by CUB the dates were fairly tight, usually 2-3 months. Storage was not always at cool...
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    Bavarian Weissbier Tips

    Thanks guys. Just tapped a weiss made using tips here. My previous/first attempt last year was underwhelming, barely any banana and no body but looking back I overpitched for sure. This one is perfect. Did a partial mash (single infusion) with roughly 40% from LME and 5% from dextrose pitching a...
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    Grain Storage Barrel

    Thanks WEAL. The 30L fermenters are too tall for the cupboard I want to store it in. Might have to find another place for it. I did give one away last year without even thinking they'd be good for grain storage. I get what you mean about the threads. I went to bunnings to look at them and...
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    Grain Storage Barrel

    I'm looking at one of these bunnings storage barrels for bulk grain storage. I'm aware it won't hold a full sack but it should get most of it and it's a convenient size for my storage area, which is limited on space...
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    Pressure Brewing Novice

    One thing i didn't see mentioned is that the plastic pressure fermenters are made from PET which has a limited temp range (max about 50deg). That might influence your decision if your dissolving liquid malt extract in the fermenter with hot water.
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    Fridge running warm

    Thanks for the advice. I did have some significant ice build up in the freezer so I gave it a 24hr defrost and it looks like that's done the trick. Must have been a blockage. Hopefully it doesn't build up again. As for fixing it, I wouldn't have bothered as I don't really have the skills and...
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    Fridge running warm

    Thanks. Yeah, forgot to mention I've tried 2 thermometers & it's definitely not as cold as it should be inside. Might just be coincidental it happened when I transferred it outside.
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    Fridge running warm

    I recently bought a new fridge & relocated my old one into the garage to dedicate to beer for cold storage and potentially lagering. It was running fine as an indoor fridge but seems to be struggling outdoors with temperatures ranging from 6-12 degrees, which for Melbourne winter isn't much...
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    Any updates on the Thermenter King's?
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    FREE! Plastic 30L Fermenter (Sunshine, VIC)

    I've got a 30L plastic fermenter that is in excess. Free to a good home. In good condition with an extra 48mm hole added to the lid for a #10 stopper. Comes with tap, sediment reducer & stick on thermometer Pick up is Sunshine, VIC
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    Immersion Pro and Brewjacket for sale

    Are you still selling the brewjacket?