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  1. peas_and_corn

    What are you brewing 2020 and 2021 ?

    Put a stout in the fermenter the other day. It should be fine.
  2. peas_and_corn


    Can't you just gaffer tape the kids to a tree branch instead?
  3. peas_and_corn

    Contract Brewing - Anyone Done It?

    A lot of breweries do contract brewing, either to build the brand to get capital to buy equipment or to deal with expanding demand when the on site brewery doesn't have the capacity to deal with it. You'll be surprised how many craft beers are made by Independent Distillers (a prominent contract...
  4. peas_and_corn

    No Topic Thread

    Remember when redirected to this forum?
  5. peas_and_corn

    Removing hops during the boil?

    You could either stop boiling and accept a slightly lower abv or boil til the end and accept a higher ibu level. Who cares, it's not like you must absolutely hit a flavour profile
  6. peas_and_corn

    FruChoc Dark Beer

    For those of you who end up in South Australia for some reason and are tempted to try fruchocs, don't, they're abysmal.
  7. peas_and_corn

    Is coopers halal?

    Wow, and it's valid all the way until 2005!
  8. peas_and_corn

    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    That's all in the Malcolm Fraser thread
  9. peas_and_corn

    Waiter, There’s Cat Pee in My Beer (and other funny beer descriptors

    Yeah, definitely a criticism. It indicates poor yeast handling and yeast health, and there is really no circumstances where it's a flavour people will want.
  10. peas_and_corn

    accidentally need to brew some session IPAs

    Pain in the ass or not? Pain in the ass
  11. peas_and_corn

    Waiter, There’s Cat Pee in My Beer (and other funny beer descriptors

    Describing a beer as marmite/vegemite is not saying it's yeasty but rather that it tastes like the yeast has undergone autolysis (which happens to the yeast as the spreads are made).
  12. peas_and_corn

    vale Malcom Fraser

    I wonder if Vale Ale could be sold as the go to beer for funerals. It has an appropriate name.
  13. peas_and_corn

    Galaxy grassy flavour.

    Yeah, galaxy throws up a lot of grassy notes, it's pretty hard to get rid of it. That said, I disagree with the above post that argues whole hops reduce grassy notes. Whole hops contain more vegetable matter than pellets, and that is where the grassy notes come from.
  14. peas_and_corn

    Brew Magazine

    Most newsagents sell them.
  15. peas_and_corn

    SWIMBO advice

    Ehh, doctors aren't fully agreeing on this. There's arguments on both sides when it comes to the effectiveness of either diagnostic method.
  16. peas_and_corn

    James Squire Hop Thief

    Hmm, I'll have to give that a try. Sounds like a nice combination.
  17. peas_and_corn

    Confused.... mash pH and mineral content vs beer style

    Hardness is a reference to mineral content- calcium ions, magnesium ions and so on. It isn't a measure of alkalinity, though it can influence it
  18. peas_and_corn

    Smoke ale recipe with what I have

    Yes you need to have smoked malt, the type and maltster will determine the appropriate percentage