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    Fridgemate Probe

    Yes it would. But at the moment i am using my fridge as a heater (steady at 18 deg.)cool in Melb. Sorry -should have given more info.
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    Fridgemate Probe

    Yep , thru the door, closing on the seal ,as close to the bottom as possible.
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    Faucet Spout Plug Also Fits Fermenter Taps.

    i just use a bit of food grade plastic hose (clear stuff-12mm bore)about 40 mm long,melt one end together with a cigarette lighter, and hey presto-one tap plug . It fits tight ,and I keep it full of sanitising solution when on the tap. Cheers Peter
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    Tasting Hydrometer Sample

    saturn , the beers tasted good but had a tiny aftertaste (yeah, like a vinyl plastic chemical on the back of my tongue) not overpowering , but there. They are all kit brews. I may have been overdoing it with the sanitiser i currently am using (chlorine based) For now on i will use idophor as the...
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    Tasting Hydrometer Sample

    Thanks Stuster, I now have a new name for my bleach based sterilizing powder- napisan! :D
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    Tasting Hydrometer Sample

    Gday guys So phenols ( vinyl type flavour) are connected to bleach/chlorine contamination? I too, have some brews that have a funny twang to it (the above), but couldn't put my finger on it. I reckon my sanitation techniques are good, but I have been using bleach based sterilising powder for...
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    Regulators For Kegging

    Hi Chimera The stem on the regulator can be unscrewed so you can then just get the right stem to suit co2 tavern gas bottles. But you might have a problem as the thread in some of the older CIG regulators may not fit the new co2 stem. This is what hapened to me. I ended up buying the...
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    Chill Haze?

    Hi Thunderlips, Same problem i have when I put my beer into a keg from (upto) 2 weeks cc,ing. I have to move my jerry cube from the fridge to the bench to pour into my keg . I just put it down to the movement from fridge to bench that stirs up just a tiny amount of sediment (I try to be...
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    Fermenter Tap Lube

    Hi Slurpdog, Exactly the same problem I had when I started breaking my taps apart for cleaning. All I do is put one single drop of vegetable oil, or olive oil (whatevers in the cupboard at the time) on the male part of the tap and bang it back in. I also do this for the fermenter lid o ring...
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    Head Space In A Cube

    G,day all Interesting topic, i was wondering about a few things I rack straight into a plastic 20L jerry can from primary, then leave this at my fermenting temp. for another couple of days. Every day I crack the lid to release the pressure, after the couple of days It goes staight into...
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    Fridge Temp Control

    Hi all I use a Jaycar tempmaster fridge controller , and I reckon they are OK. I'll agree that the temp adjustments are a pain,sowhat I did was make a modification by soldering on an external potentiometer in place of the internal one (you don't have to use a screwdriver) I also added...
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    Temperature Control In Winter

    Gday all I use a temperature controller that I got from Jaycar electronics(called a tempmaster) which works fine. Its designed to control a fridge or freezer temp from approx 5 to 30 degrees by using its own temp sensor (probe) that I tape to the side of the fermenter which simply turns the...
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    Safale 56

    Gday Bruce I use safale us 56 yeast on a regular basis , and find it brews down to 16 degrees with no problems. I brew in a fridge using a temp controller bought from Jaycar electronics (Tempmaster)and I can maintain this temperature quite accurately. Using this yeast at this temp gives my beer...
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    Liquid Yeast Storage

    Hello all , just got back into brewing some kit beers- hadn't done one for 6 months-busy busy busy (no excuse) I bought a packet of wyeast american ale about 18 months ago and made a starter batch out of it (made about 6 stubbies). How long does the yeast last? is it still ok to...
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    Lager Yeast

    J. M. I had a surplus of bav. lager starters in the fridge-i wanted to use them up. Never tried a lager yeast in what is generally considered a top ale beer kit . I suppose you could say that it is an experiment in progress_i'll let you know of the results. BTW , 3 weeks up...
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    Lager Yeast

    I have put down a coopers sparkling ale tin complete with extra malt and dextrose as per instructions, and used a wyeast bavarian lager yeast. all seemed well-got krausen ring and steady air lock movement,(temp. 8-10 deg.) however, almost 3 weeks later it is still bubbling away steadily and sg...
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    Brewing With Lager Yeasts

    I am currently brewing with a wyeast Bavarian lager yeast at 12-14 deg. I have read somewhere on this forum that lager yeast needs to be brought up to a higher temp.once fermentation is finished. What is the reason for this , and should i do this before or after racking to secondry?
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    Yeast Containers ... Small Ones

    white labs containers arn't very big-i reckon about 80ml.
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    Starting Wyeast

    whats the diff between propagating wyeast as a starter then dividing them into stubbies for future brews- why not put the whole wyeast pak into your wort and then divide the yeast cake up after the brew has finished into stubbies? same thing isn't it?
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    White Labs Vs Wyeast

    just started up a WL liquid yeast by making up a mini wort using a 2L coke bottle, then dividing the contents up equally. no probs. my question is , what effect does the alcohol have on the stored yeast? i have read somewhere that alcohol creates a harsh environment for yeast to live in- or is...