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  1. sinkas

    Looking for Graham Sanders

    HI did you ever locate Graham Sanders? I really liked his podcast, sure it was amateur and silly, but it was better than most of the stuff around at the time... and he even won the brewing network "Douche of the year"
  2. sinkas

    How to add rice to first wort kit

    Hi I dont brew anymore, just do an occasional FWK I want to add 15% rice to my 15L belgian blond kit. Can i just steep flaked rice? Ir would i have to get some pils to saccrify it? ( i used to put 2kg of basmati in this recipe) Sorry have forgotten much brewing info..
  3. sinkas

    FS: PERTH Convoluted CF CHiller / MARCH pump 809HS

    Hi All, long time since I brewed , so need to move on these items Morebeer CHillus COnvolutus,Counter-flow chiller, professionally modified to clip straight on to hose fittings, and has CPC wort fittings compact and work brilliantly $250 ono March Pump 809 HS fitted with 3 piece Stainless...
  4. sinkas

    Belgian IPA and post ferm process

    Hi, best to Dry hop toward the end of fermentation, I wold also add a few points with some Belgian candy to bring up to about a app 1070 OG I would let it go completely ( no more than 26 or so) after a few days of vigorous fermet maybe use gelatin if bottling, and if you have a fridge...
  5. sinkas

    Proculture Yeast

    Hi, Anyone know what happened with ProCulture? Case
  6. sinkas

    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    That's not true, what about Pirate life IIPA?
  7. sinkas

    FS: Perth/Freo 35L Electric HLT

    Hi, this is still avail, want $50 ono or happy to trade fro some bottled RIS or Barleywine or really good DIPA
  8. sinkas

    Fs: Perth: Brewstand

    Hi real Beer, sorry but im not sure if that was a joke or a comment, I guess 3 years is long enough to let the market decide.
  9. sinkas

    Fs: Perth: Brewstand

    HI all, this beast is still available, the heat shield and march pump bracket are still there, and are definitely included , someone must want this tough as nails built thing.
  10. sinkas

    Fs:perth Wort Chiller Morebeer Chillius Convolutus (modified)

    Hi all, this excellent item is still available, open to offers, @foles cant remember why you didn't end up taking it? Cheers Case
  11. sinkas


    Id be careful buying from the IBS, a lot of their stock is old and certainly not kept refrigerated, it was once a really good shop, but has moved, and now run in a very odd way Slowbeer is a much safer bet and the guy who runs it, own it, and know his stuff, also generally beers are about...
  12. sinkas

    I wonder who?

    Don't know why I bothered, but I listened to the podcast, I cant believe how long it went on for, the pain, could have all been summarised by " " yeeeeeh-Naaaaaah"
  13. sinkas

    It was a dark and stormy night. WA Winter 2015 case swap.

    Just logged on to see if there is much happening in the WA scene, looks like a damn good case swap
  14. sinkas

    Pubs in Perth and Freo

    ijosh: hard for me to say other than " it just has" had a bit of a impromptu pub crawl last week, with old salt @pistolpatch on a Tuesday night, the woman running the sail and anchor bars demeanour was absolutely bizarre, , she seemed repulsed by all patrons and also her staff, also pint...
  15. sinkas

    Pubs in Perth and Freo

    Hi, Freo:, Sail and anchor , not as good as it was, but still usually 4-6 good unusual beers on tap and a heap of other boring stuff, food pretty terrible, often quite a few barflies Monk, decent beers and reasonable food Norfolk often has some really good beers, and food is good Clancy's...
  16. sinkas

    Chilli! All Things Chillies.

    I did the same, , the ones I got were a bit worse than yours, but they have all hled on, , hopefully will make it thru winter hope things are looking up still.
  17. sinkas

    FS: {Perth} Beer Books

    Ill cheeck out what is left and repost soon(ish)
  18. sinkas

    FS: Perth/Freo 35L Electric HLT

    Thanks for your help Zipper Lips